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During the Android Dev Summit 2018 event, which took place a few days ago in California, the company revealed how the colors used in some applications of cellular they can directly affect the battery of Android devices.

— AMOLED Yes, LCD no —

If you are one of the typical users who have difficulty reaching the end of the day with a small battery, use the dark mode in some applications it could be a great alternative. As the presenters have made clear,This kind of savings is only possible on AMOLED screens, not on LCDs.

The reason is that AMOLED technology uses diodes that emit light and Almost no energy is spent when the color is displayed in black; On the contrary, the LCD screens have a layer that illuminates the liquid crystal, so the "color" factor does not affect energy consumption.

On the other hand White is the color that consumes the most energy, and unfortunately this is the color that is most commonly used in the interface of smartphones.

In the middle of the event, Chris Banes and Alan Viverette, executives of Google, compared the power consumption of a Pixel phone and an iPhone 7. In the first, with the help of the dark mode, it was possible to save money. up to 63% of the battery. In the case of the iPhone, which has an LCD screen, the consumption level did not show any variation (the latest models from Apple have screens with AMOLED technology).

— How do I activate the screen mode —

It is possible to activate the dark mode in most Android phones from the system settings, but often this mode is not complete, because no dark tones are applied to all the apps you have installed. Therefore, it is a good option to resort to external applications that allow us to activate the dark mode or also the night mode, such as:

– Blue Light Filter: Nocturnal, Dromir Better
– Nova Launcher
– Twilight

The operating system Android 9.0 Pie it offers a much more complete dark mode, allowing the eyes to rest. Apple, on the other hand, offers in iOS 12 the intelligent color inversion that can be activated via the configuration menu.

The dark mode too can be used specifically in certain apps or web services: YouTube or Twitter allow it, for example. There are also extensions for browsers that enable this option

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