Security errors exposed passwords of Instagram users

once again, Facebook is involved in a new scandal for the privacy of the data of their users, since Instagram -are second social network- leaked the password of an indefinite number of users.

According to the American media The Information, the social network leaked into a text document, passwords from different Instagram users, which they would have used the "Download my data" function, which provides the user with all information that the application has.

From Instagram, they confirmed the existence of this security error, however, ensures it was solved and that affects a very small number of users, which They had already been notified to change their password.

This security error contributes to the person who had Facebook in September, where almost 50 million users had exposed their accounts to hackers, that she could enter without their password and access to their data.

Facebook supports a security breach with 50 million accounts

On Friday, the Facebook team revealed that the technical team discovered a security bug on 25 September that affected nearly 50 million accounts. "We take this very seriously and we want everyone to know what has happened and what the immediate actions are that we have taken to protect the safety of people," the company said in a statement.

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