The first official products from Apple arrive at Amazon USA

geralt / Pixabay

As announced a few days ago, the first Apple products that have been officially sold by the company or by authorized stores have already been available from Amazon for a few hours.

The agreement between Apple and Amazon determines that the products are soldin the shop ONLY through authorized Apple distributorsand not in external stores that do not have authorization.

Amazon Italy is already preparing the catalog that should be active in a few weeks, while Amazon already has several products available, such as the new iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch ($ 999 and $ 799), Smart Keyboard, Apple Watch Series 4 , Mac mini and MacBook Air 2018. Some devices are available for the same price as the Apple Store, while others are available at a discount. For example, the MacBook Air 2018 is available for $ 100 less

We remind you that external suppliers who offer Apple products, both new and used, can no longer do so from 4 January 2019, precisely because of this new agreement. These suppliers must submit an application to become an Apple-authorized distributor at Amazon. Independent suppliers offering new and used Apple products at Amazon will receive their cards on January 4, 2019 under the new agreement. These vendors must submit an application to become Apple-authorized distributors at Amazon to continue offering their products.

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