Whatsapp: how can I see messages from my partner if his mobile phone is blocked?

The privacy of WhatsApp users can be jeopardized by the following updates to make the application, because someone can see the videos that, for example, come to your partner more easily. S and is expected to display both messages and video & # 39; s previsualizacin, although the mobile is blocked.

According to the WABetaInfo site, which specializes in WhatsApp updates, the messaging service tries to simplify its functions and in search of usability reports with pop-up windows and examples will be included.

Depending on the video received, this will be the level of problems for the users, because although many may consider it something positive, it is bad news for those who & # 39; sexting & # 39; practice.

Not everything is lost for those who are inclined to send videos with erotic content, because they supposedly have the option to deactivate the examples.

On Twitter there is already a video of a person who, although he does not use the beta version, can already view video examples. It does not show the whole video, but it is enough to know what it is about.

According to a survey carried out by the NGO The National Campaign, about 850 young people, 54% admitted that they had sent and received material of that tone.

51% of the women who sent photos or videos, said they did so under pressure from their partners and only 32% of the women said they felt sexy when they shared the images.

At least 20% admits that they have shared photos with nudism. 36% know that it is common for photos & # 39; s or videos to be shared by the recipient with other people.

(Source: SoyCarmin)

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