from a confession of Carlos Tevez on a serious complaint against a doctor of the Conmebol

Oscar Ruggeri added new data to the scandal of the return finale of the Copa Libertadores, which was missed this weekend, first on Saturday and then on Sunday. In the

program 90 Minutos de Fox Sports, in which he participates as a panel member, said he spoke with Carlos Tevez for an hour and that Apache told him what had happened to Conmebol's doctor. "He went into the locker room and told them to take cortisone because the match was being played. Tevez told him that he would skip the anti-doping test and answered: "Do not worry, nothing will happen to the doping."", Confirmed the world champion with the national team.

the stubborn Ruggeri said at one point: "Tevez told me that the doctor came with different syringes and said:" Put this on, that's fine with 18. At that hour the game starts, crazy, you can not believe it. "

In the middle of the chaos, various doctors from Conmebol entered the dressing room several times on Saturday afternoon. What matters is Ruggeri in the corridors of the monumental. Nobody could insure it. Now Ruggeri told part of his conversation with Tevez, who was in the locker room and then left very angry against the leaders of the Conmebol.

The release of the Conmebol, after having watched a number of players, said that "the players of Boca Juniors had superficial skin injuries in the upper limbs, the lower limbs, the facial features and the trunk, in the same way that 2 players injured the cornea reported that it could not be confirmed by our medical body. "The document was signed by the doctors Osvaldo Pangriazo, Francisco Mateu, Jorge Pagura and José Veloso.

Pablo Pérez:

"When we started playing, we had five goals because we could not move, we could not breathe", Also told Ruggeri de Boca in the telephone conversation they had on Sunday.

Jorge Batista, Boca's doctor, was very angry with his colleagues in Conmebol on Saturday. He wrote in his Twitter account: "Doctors of the Conmebol who came to the locker room saw and verified everything and then, probably economic interests, LIES and they say that players can play."


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