The Argentine team that fights against everything and comes close to qualifying for the Women & # 39; s World Cup

The Argentine team defeated Panama 4-0 on the field of Arsenal Credit: AFA


female soccer team
He went against all expectations. Despite the non-received travel costs, apart from the lack of support from the AFA, the national team took third place in the Copa América of Chile and won the right to qualify for the World Cup in a repeat competition. will take place next year. In the first meeting,
4-0 to Panama and tonight, from 22 (television TyC Sports), disputes the second stage in Panama City.

Argentina did not have a coach between July 2015 and August 2017. And he resumed the training two weeks before the Copa América last April. That is why his performance, built thanks to the perseverance of the players, has a special value. Far from the budget of his male counterpart, women's football in Argentina has long since gained a more important place between clubs and


Laurina Oliveros, goalkeeper and UAI player Urquiza, summarized this situation very clearly in a note
THE NATION eight months ago: "When I was five years old, I went to the United States with my family and six months after I arrived, I told my dad that I wanted to play football." I felt it was my place in the world and I had no obstacles there, "Oliveros said, and immediately described the situation in Argentina:" And here today they feel (the barriers). Belonging to the AFA it's like you've put the handbrake on. "In 2012 we went to the Under 20 World Championship, we got second In the America Cup and nobody found out, we asked for a pair of socks and they can you do not give, and you ask for clothes and they give you a male … Basketball shorts, it's very difficult. "

In the first stage, at the court of Arsenal, the team broke the myth that & # 39; the public is not interested in the women's team & # 39 ;. With a large audience, the national team achieved a comfortable victory under the technical direction of Carlos Borello. But institutional support is still far from what was noticed in the stands of the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium. Cordovan Florencia Bonsegundo, who plays in the Sporting Club de Huelva, in the first division of Spain, also reflects on the local context: "The truth is that in Argentina we are far away from competitions such as the European or that of Mexico, where the finals with a lot of people being played, no doubt that the level of Argentine women's football has grown a lot, but there is still a lot to be professionalized, adding: "If the clubs do not bet on women's football, this will never change," he told the media two months ago.

This Tuesday, Argentina will play the rankings of the World Cup of France 2019. Since the Chinese Cup of 2007 this has not worked. Professional recognition has already been won. The encouragement of the audience too. It only remains that the institutional fit is a sports gift that has been claiming more space for some time by shouting goals.

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