The final of the Copa Libertadores, in tension: Boca players do not want to play

The dialogue between Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Carlos Tevez Source: AP – Credit: Natacha Pisarenko

The end of the

Libertadores Cup

continues in vilo: under pressure of his players' close refusal to play the final against River, Boca asked for "reasonable playing conditions" last night
Today's game in the monumental stadium. The club xeneize said to
THE NATION that does not see "reasonable guarantees for the proper development" of the meeting.

"We are evaluating under what circumstances we are going to play," said a senior official in Boca. The main leaders of the club were still gathered, already at the beginning of the Sunday, with the lawyers of the entity to determine the steps to follow in their strategy for the Conmebol, who wants the final to be disputed, yes or yes .

Daniel Angelici,

President of Boca, concluded a "pact of gentlemen" with

Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio,

head of River, and Alejandro Domínguez, the head of the Conmebol: the final is played. The problem of Angelici goes through his players, who do not want to know anything about gigs on the Monumental today. Angelici tries to convince them with the promise that, if Boca has lost the final, he will claim the points at the Conmebol.

The players do not agree "Who gives us the guarantee that we will come alive from that court tomorrow?", He said
THE NATION a member of the team, with years in the club.

Gallardo and Barros Schelotto determined the suspension of the game
Gallardo and Barros Schelotto determined the suspension of the game Source: LA NACION – Credit: Mauro Alfieri

The possibility that
the final is played without the audience is another possible regulation, but D & # 39; Onofrio was blunt when asked if he accepted: "The final is played at 17:00 and with people," said the President of River

In the early morning Dominguez was also called, who in a series of tweets called "responsible authorities" to strengthen protocols and to double efforts to ensure the public order and safety of players, technical bodies and fans by the end of this Sunday ".

In the meeting between the leaders of Boca and their lawyers at Hotel Madero, they studied
video footage of the chaotic day marked by the
attack by fans of River on the micro moved to the players of the rival equipment. The conclusions derived from the analysis of these images will serve as the basis for a presentation before the Conmebol.

"Regardless of these meetings Boca prepares for tomorrow and it is not in their philosophy to ask for the points, the emphasis is mainly on asking for security guarantees and seeing what happens to the players affected by the aggressions, " he said.
THE NATION Rafael Veljanovich, communication manager of the club.

The leaders of Boca say & # 39; very impacted & # 39; by what they lived in River today. "It was not just what happened outside, we also felt very bad at the stadium," said a senior club officer. "What was lived was horrible," he summarized.

Today came the memory of the tragic contest of 14 May 2015 for the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores, known as the "pepergas". That time, when he stepped into the second half of the Bombonera, the rivers were attacked with pepper spray by a Boca fan who was disqualified. The river went to the quarter-finals and would eventually win the cup. D & # 39; Onofrio pointed out at the time that his players were not able to continue with the game. In Boca many believe that they could pose the same thing this time.

The attention for Pablo Pérez
The attention for Pablo Pérez Source: LA NACION – Credit: Mauro Alfieri

Boca's strategy before a possible defeat with River would pass by asking points under Article 8 of Conmebol, which states in paragraph 2: "Members associations and clubs are responsible for safety and order both within and outside the vicinity of the stadium, before, during and after the match of which they are hosts or organizers.This responsibility extends to all incidents of any kind that may occur, and is therefore subject to disciplinary sanctions and compliance with orders and instructions that could be adopted by the judicial bodies. "

The key is at the end of the paragraph, where it is exposed to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions & # 39 ;.

So, Angelici has a hard work of persuading his players, who do not want to contest the final. He made it clear to Carlos Tevez, as a singer, with his statements. "Why do not they give the cup directly to the river?" He said. His opinion about playing the final is shared by his teammates.

Boca players feel disadvantaged, claiming that they lived an afternoon under sheer tension, while their rivals were relaxed. Pablo Perez, the team captain, is excluded by his ulcer in his left eye. The medical information confirming the existence of that injury was the one who condemned the suspension.

Angelici's strategy means that you convince players to go out this afternoon. He tells them that if they win the Libertadores in the Monumental it is celebrated as something epic, but if the result does not happen, they will claim the points in the Conmebol desks, where they understand that the regulation of the entity favors their club.

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