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Brisbane Broncos staff adjusts the training schedule for Payne Haas while participating in Ramadan

The Broncos have adjusted Payne Haas' training program so that his NRL obligations do not disrupt his Ramadan fast month as part of his Islamic belief.

Ramadan ends on June 4, or two more rounds, although the Broncos have a round in round 12.

Of course you would not know that the 119 kg front rower does not eat between sunrise and sunset. He beat 223 meters in the 15-10 win over the Grids at Suncorp Stadium, including 89 contact lenses after 20 innings, with eight tackle and a try.

"He was a very good Payne, especially the footy with him early on, he caused a lot of problems with the rosters and created a considerable momentum for us," said coach Anthony Seibold.

"He really led the way, played long minutes, and was very consistent for us. He doesn't say too much – is just about his business – but I love what he does and what he brings.

"I set him up there a few weeks ago because I believe in him."

And as far as Ramadan is concerned, Seibold also recognizes the importance of this.

"His beliefs – and we are very much in favor of them – so we made some changes in and around his & # 39; s training program during the week," he said.

"Payno makes a lot of sacrifices and we are 100 percent behind him."

NSW trainer Brad Fittler said he was watching Haas earlier in the week as he assembled an Origin team to try and keep the shield of Holden State of Origin in 2019.

"If Freddy has chosen Payno, I am sure he would do the job. He has done us well in the last six games so I can see why Freddy would look at him," Seibold said.

Haas says he doesn't mind fasting.

"It's not too hard for me, it's my conviction and I'm just happy to do it, sometimes it gets hard," said the 19-year-old.

"But I have good people around me with good input, they told me to do it and I did it and it works wonders for me right now."

Regarding NSW, that would also be wonderful.

"It's always good to talk about it like that, but I just have to stay grounded and stay focused on footy," said Haas.

Even opponent coach Trent Robinson couldn't help but be impressed, but he didn't stop him to call him an Origin bolter.

"I've already avoided the Origin bit because that's not my job, but the boy plays well and plays very well," Robinson said.

"There is something about him that is not there? There is something about his stamina and his strength and the mix of the two together."

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