Furious bridesmaid of the bride hid pregnancy secrecy before marriage

A bride is a & # 39; bridezilla & # 39; after she revealed her anger when one of her bridesmaids became pregnant for her big day and kept the secret.

The unknown woman, who went to Reddit, asked if she & # 39; selfishly & # 39; was about her reaction to her friend's happy news, and added that she was worried about how the pregnancy would affect her upcoming chicken party.

"Long story short, I've just discovered that one of my bridesmaids will be 5-6 months pregnant on my wedding day," the dissatisfied bride wrote. "This maid of honor also planned to plan my super secret bachelor party of which I do not know details, but I assume drinking will probably be changed or canceled."

"Maybe I think the worst here," she continued. "But personally I think it's wrong to get pregnant if you're part of the wedding party and do not tell the bride …"

Of course the answer is to her post-title & # 39; Am I allowed to be pi ** ed or am I simply selfish & # 39; not very favorable.

"Is it possible that she did not tell you because she knew your reaction was not" Congratulations! "Let's buy a bridesmaid dress that's comfortable!" But instead, "This is going to spoil my bachelor party?", A person replied.

"It is not wrong to get pregnant when you go to a wedding party, you can not ask someone to put his or her life on hold for your wedding You are selfish," said another.

"Your bachelor party is only one night, the pregnancy of your friend is the creation of another person who will last a lifetime," another observed.

Some pointed out that it was good that she "amused" the possibility that her first reaction was unreasonable.

"It is good that you have the idea that this reaction is selfish, it means that there is hope that you will not find bridezilla everywhere," wrote an angry user.

Others agreed that it was not "selfish to worry," but said she needed to talk to her friend instead of stewing on details she knew nothing about.

The topic & # 39; Bridezilla & # 39; s & # 39; is a popular on the forum, with many people who visit the site to ashamed or ask for help from their friends.

Last month, a bride admitted that she had kicked some of her wedding reception when she did not follow her child rule.

"To be clear, all my invitations stated that there would be no children at this wedding," the bride wrote in her position. "But she and her husband showed up with their baby and toddler."

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