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Koala & # 39; s are now & # 39; functionally extinct & # 39 ;, says Australian Koala Foundation

They threaten to go the way of the dodo.

Koala & # 39; s have been declared "functionally extinct", reports the Australian Koala Foundation.

The New York Post reports that the fluffy marsupial consists of only 80,000 species of wild species, meaning that there are not enough breeding adults left to support another generation of variegated mammals.

The tree species has been plagued by the effects of rising temperatures and heat waves, which have caused widespread deforestation and fatal dehydration in koalas, according to the AKF.

Only 41 of the 128 known koala habitats in federal environments have one of the remaining animals.

If a new disease or genetic pathogen of any kind is introduced, surviving koalas will die quickly. Activists beg local politicians to step in.

"I know the Australian public is concerned about the safety of koalas and we are tired of seeing dead koalas on our roads," says AKF President Deborah Tabart. "I call on the new Prime Minister after the May elections to introduce the Koala Protection Act (KPA), written since 2016 and ready to go."

There is hope: the Koala Protection Act is based on the Bald Eagle Act of the US, which was successful in saving America's national symbol from the endangered species list.

"The Bald Eagle Act was successful because there was a political motive to ensure that their pictogram was not extinct," says Tabart. "It is time for the koala to receive the same respect."

This article was originally published in the New York Post and will be republished here with permission

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