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MAFS: Married At first sight, bride Jessika did not always have beautiful teeth

She was caught in a double scandal scandal during the Wednesday evening episode of Married At First Sight.

But before Jessika Power put herself in the hot water in her search for lasting love, she had other things that bothered her.

In recently unearthed photographs of the reality star in 2016, the blonde looked completely different because of her teeth.

At that time, the typical smile of the 26-year-old was filled with large holes and gnarled chips.

She also seemed to struggle with discoloration, because her teeth had an undesirable yellow shade in the images shared by Maven Dental Yokine.

The part-time model, however, underwent an extensive dental make-over, in which her teeth were transformed with expensive porcelain veneers.

The irreversible procedure – which is popular with reality stars – consists of laying down the natural teeth so that a "perfect" porcelain tooth can cover it and the result is pretty impressive.

It does not come cheap, however, with the average cost of the procedure that brings you back from $ 1200 to $ 2500 per tooth.

Despite the high price tag Jessika seemed to be happy with her new smile at the time.

The truth about her astonishing smile came to the fore when the dental practice shared a photo of the MAFS star, praising her TV grin.

"We love to see Jessika laughing on TV!", Wrote the surgery, adding that they had different options for those who were looking for a beautiful "beautiful new smile" with porcelain veneers.

Although her dramatic change in smile is unmistakable, there are rumors around the TV star about other improvements she may have had.

After looking at old photographs of her, many fans believe Jessika has filled her lips. They also look visibly thinner on the photo's – especially her upper lip.

She has also changed her hair in recent years, before she got a completely different look before she became famous.

In 2012 Jessika was a fiery red head, an unrecognizable appearance of her sweet image on the screen.

A variety of photos shows her with the very different look that gives her a snappy look.

Her co-stars, however, have been public about their decision to go under the knife. Susie Bradley recently revealed that she had had a boob job, used lip fillers and also anti-wrinkle treatments.

Kim Kardashian lookalike Martha Kalifatidis has also been open about her decision to use beauty treatments and told her husband on the screen about her procedures.

"I like to look good and do whatever it takes, so I certainly have a plastic surgery," she said in an early episode.

What do you think of these TV stars with cosmetic surgery? Do you think it's good to improve your appearance, or do you think it's a bad example? Let us know below.

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