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rear drive manual version seems to be set to start

BMW's next-generation M3 will appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September Car, our sister title in the UK, has good news to report.

Heavyweight European correspondent Georg Kacher – whose intel is normally bulletproof – reports that the M3, with its M4 coupe-brother, gets a 353kW version of its double-pole 3.0-liter clog, which surpasses both the Audi RS4 and the Mercedes-AMG C63 . A factor of 65 kg weight loss and performance can best be described as more than adequate.

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More interesting is that BMW has split up the M3 / M4 series. It is said to be a rear-drive start variant, according to the philosophy of the current "Pure" models, powered by a lightly disfigured 339 kW engine and with a manual transmission and a sharp e-diff to the rear end.

As reported in Wheels back in September 2018, the division boss Frank van Meel of BMW, division M, announced that there is a level above which four-wheel drive is a necessity.

The twin-turbo S58 engine can generate a torque of more than 650 Nm, which is reportedly the maximum torque that can be run by the manual BMW engine, so expect the entry-level versions of the rear camera to be just below that figure and the full -fat xDrive versions to exceed it.

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The xDrive models have the same interchangeable AWD / RWD function as can be seen in the current M5.

A soft-top M4 Cabriolet is also in the pipeline, digging the foldable hard top of its predecessor. Those who are looking for an even sharper focus will enjoy the upcoming M4 race, which will take place in 2021, and which will generate a Mercedes-AMG C63 S equivalent 375kW.

In addition, CS and CSL versions of the M4 would be in advanced planning.

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Bad news for those who like a hot car is that in an internal shootout at the headquarters of BMW in Munich, the proposal for a four-door M4 Gran Coupe got the nod about an M3 Touring. With a Q3 unveiling, you expect the M3 to land somewhere in Australia in early 2020.

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