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UAP candidates scramble for volunteers like Clive Palmer campaigns from Fiji | Australia news

Clive Palmer's candidates are keen to find volunteers to issue voting cards in Saturday's election, with one offering a homeless man $ 100 to Gumtree to cover spending on a day's work.

Several party candidates from Australia, who have spoken with Guardian Australia, say they do not expect Palmer to park stalls with paid workers on election day, just like in 2013 when the party achieved 5.5% of first-preference votes at national level.

The decision could be a consequence of a series of marginal seats where Palmer's new party preferences are directed at the liberals.

On Monday it appeared that Palmer himself spent the last days before the elections in Fiji, after several holidaying Australians shared photos of him in an Italian restaurant there.

A Palmer spokesperson said he was visiting the island to be with a sick friend.

& # 39; You can do that if you have your own private jet, & # 39; he said to Brisbane & # 39; s courier post. "He is fully committed to campaigning … He is just doing the right thing through a family friend."

Questions have been raised about the overlap of the Liberals' campaign with the UAP, with images emerging from liberals distributing UAP campaign material, and the UAP paying for liberal advertising content.

Queensland Labor

DESPERATE DEALS. What kind of deal have Clive Palmer and Scott Morrison really made?

Clive spends tens of millions on advertising, and now he places it behind LNP candidates.

Time to end this shameful coalition of chaos.#auspol pic.twitter.com/vaAZhhdlJv

May 13, 2019

Lex Stewart, who runs to UAP at Cowper's seat, said he did not expect him to man every stand on election day, expecting to have volunteers at around 10 out of 66 electorate stands.

He said he would ask headquarters about the means to pay the staff, suggesting that it would be a "good idea" for the party to extend spending – an estimated $ 70 million throughout the campaign – to individual candidates.

Fairfax UAP candidate, Kylie Cowling, who came under fire because he offered $ 100 to a homeless man to cover his expenses for volunteering on Saturday, said any candidate could negotiate with the party on a number of means to to pay volunteers.

"Because we are a new party, so we don't have the volunteer base that others have, so there is some money there if needed," Cowling said, adding that the amount would be up to each candidate to negotiate with the party.

"We have basically received some guidelines to ensure that no one is left without food and water all day and to ensure that people get things."

Cowling has tried to recruit volunteers through Gumtree, where a homeless man objects to the $ 100 offer for a 10-hour workday with breaks.

"You offer me $ 12.50 per hour. Do you know what the minimum wage is for a working adult?" Sunshine Coast man Reed Hancock said in response to Cowling's ad.

"I'm assuming that if you're going to fuck a homeless person, you won't treat your voters much better."

However, Cowling said that after the story was published in the Sunshine Coast Daily, she was approached by others who wanted to help.

Robert Forster, the UAP candidate at Pearce's marginal Western Australian seat, said he would also rely on volunteers.

Images have emerged of liberal volunteers distributing UAP campaign material in pre-poll booths, including in the marginal seat of Dunkley.

The UAP candidate from the Victorian Senate, Catriona Thoolen, said the liberals are helping the UAP man to vote.

"Where it happens, the Libs finance the workers," she said on Twitter.

She told Guardian Australia that the party had never paid anyone to hand out voting cards in pre-poll.

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