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The shares of DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc. this year alone fell by more than -42.32%. The shares have recently decreased by -2.64% or – $ 1.03 and are now traded at $ 37.97. The shares of Antero Resources Corporation (NYSE: AR) have decreased to -7.05% from 08/15/2018. The shares are currently being traded at $ 17.66 and have been able to report a change of -5.96% over the past week.

The stock of DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc. and Antero Resources Corporation were two of the most active stocks on Wednesday. Investors seem very interested in what happens with the shares of these two companies, but do investors prefer to choose each other? We analyze the growth, profitability, risk & # 39; s, valuation and insider trends of both companies and see which investors prefer.

Next 5Y EPS Growth: -1.49% versus 73.11%

When a company can grow consistently in terms of earnings with high compound interest rates, the greatest chance of creating value for its shareholders in the time. Analysts predict that XRAY will grow at an annual rate of -1.49% over the next 5 years. This contrasts with AR, which will have a positive growth against an annual percentage of 73.11%. This means that the higher growth of AR implies a greater potential for capital growth over the years.

Profitability and revenues

Growth alone can not be used to see if the company will be valuable. Shareholders will be the losers if a company invests in companies that are not profitable enough to support optimistic growth. In order to accurately measure profitability and return, we use the EBITDA margin and Return on Investment (ROI), which keep the difference in capital structure in balance. The ROI of XRAY is -18.00% while that of AR is 11.30%. These figures suggest that AR companies generate a higher ROI than that of XRAY.

Cash flow

The value of a share is ultimately determined by the amount of cash flow that investors have available. In the last twelve months, the free cash flow per share of XRAY was positive 1.28, while that of AR is a positive 3.47.

Liquidity and financial risk

The ability of a company to meet its short-term obligations and to be able to settle its long-term liabilities is measured using liquidity and leverage ratios. The current ratio for XRAY is 1.70 and that for AR is 1.10. This implies that it is easier for XRAY to cover its direct liabilities in the next 12 months than AR. The debt ratio of XRAY is 0.35 compared with 0.66 for AR. AR can settle its long-term debts and therefore has a lower financial risk than XRAY.


XRAY is currently trading at a forward P / E of 15.88, a P / B of 1.67 and a P / S of 2.18 while AR trades with a forward P / E of 9.38, a P / B of 0.70 and a P / S of 1.52. This means that if we look at the revenue, book values ​​and sales base, AR is the cheapest. It is very clear that earnings are the main factors for investors, so analysts are most inclined to place their bet on the P / E.

Analyst Price Targets and Opinions

The mistake that some people make is that they have a cheap value more value. To know the value of a share, the current price must be compared with the probable trading price in the future. The price of XRAY is currently -19.21% of the target price for one year of 47.00. Looking at its competitive prices, AR stands at -28.56% against its price target of 24.72.

If we look at the investment recommendation on, for example, a scale of 1 to 5 (1 is a strong buy, 3 a hold, and 5 a sell), XRAY gets a 2.60 while 2.30 is placed for AR. This means that analysts are more optimistic about the outlook for XRAY equities.

Insider activity and investor sentiment

Short-term interest or otherwise the percentage of marketable shares of a share that is currently being short-circuited is another given that investors use to get a handle on sentiment. The short ratio for XRAY is 3.34, while that for AR is only 9.46. This means that analysts are more optimistic about the prediction for XRAY shares.


The stock of DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc. beats that of Antero Resources Corporation when the two are compared, with XRAY taking 3. of the total factors that have been considered. XRAY is potentially more profitable, generates higher ROI, has higher cash flow per share, higher liquidity and lower financial risk. If we look at the stock valuation, XRAY is the cheapest based on profit, book value and sales. Finally, the sentiment signal for XRAY is better when viewed on short-term interest rates.

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