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The market for cryptocurrency has added $ 3 billion in the last 24 hours, while the Bitcoin price has risen to the $ 6,500 mark in that period. The total cryptomarket cap amounted to $ 208 billion yesterday, but currently amounts to $ 211 billion.

The US SEC has announced that it will review the nine Bitcoin ETFs that it has rejected on Wednesday. The market has not reacted yet, comparable to the way the prices stagnated after the news of the rejection.

The daily trading volume has now decreased for the third consecutive day, ranging from $ 11 billion to $ 10 billion.

Bitcoin price analysis

The Bitcoin price has added 1.8% in the last 24 hours. BTC was trading at $ 6,447 yesterday, but has now risen to $ 6,553. The price did not respond to the news that the SEC would review the ETFs that it had rejected a day earlier.

However, Bitcoin's daily trade volume has declined. The 24-hour trading volume was $ 3.9 billion yesterday, but has now slipped to $ 3.5 billion.

The Bitcoin price last week was between $ 6,400 and $ 6,700, with no significant price increases or decreases.

Ethereum price analysis

The second largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin followed when registering small profits in the last 24 hours. ETH traded at $ 275 yesterday, but has now risen to $ 276, adding 1.4%.

The daily trade volume of Ethereum has also fallen from $ 1.3 billion to $ 1.2 billion, despite the slight increase in trade prices.

A look at the weekly chart shows that ETH lost 8.3% if it was the value of the past week. It traded at $ 300 a week ago, with a peak of $ 319 during the week.

Wrinkle price analysis

Ripple has added less than 1%, but is still trading at $ 0.32. The currency was trading at that price yesterday and is still trading around that brand. For the fourth day, the trade volume of XRP has dropped.

It fell yesterday from $ 238 million to now $ 215 million.

The weekly graph of XRP shows that the cryptocurrency has acted sideways in the past seven days. It traded at $ 0.31 a week ago, with a peak of $ 0.36 during the week.

EOS price analysis

The fifth largest cryptocurrency was the biggest winner among the leading cryptocurrencies. It has increased by 3.7% in the last 24 hours, from $ 4.77 to $ 4.94. Daily trading volume has also increased, from $ 453 million to $ 479 million.

The weekly chart like the other shows that it has been traded sideways in the last seven days. It experienced a high of $ 5.58 and a low of $ 4.60 during the week. Otherwise it swapped around $ 4.90 for most of the week.

Litecoin price analysis

LTC is trying to reach $ 57 again after having dropped to $ 55 yesterday. The cryptocurrency has gained 2.5% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading for $ 56.99

Daily trading volume has dropped by $ 22 million last day. The 24-hour trading volume of LTC was $ 210 million yesterday, but has now dropped to $ 188 million.

LTC, like others, stabilized last week. Litecoin traded between $ 55 and $ 57 over the past seven days, with only a significant move at $ 61 the highlight of the week.

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