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Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) has been in the news after the stock price hit $ 22.93 at the end of the final round. The share is traded on NYSE in the Consumer Discretionary and Leisure and Recreation Products sector.

Outstanding shares are ordinary shares approved by a company and issued, bought and held by investors. Outstanding shares include restricted shares owned by the employees and officers of the company, as well as from the public. "Capital stock" is the number of outstanding shares on the balance sheet of a company and is reported in the company's quarterly filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The outstanding shares of Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) are 94.44.

Average volume is the number of average securities traded per day during a specific period. Trading activity relates to the liquidity of an security. When the average volume is high, the stock has a high liquidity and can therefore be easily traded, whereas conversely, when the trade volume is low, the product will be less expensive because traders are not so willing to buy it. Average volume has an effect on the price of security. Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) has experienced an average volume of 1404009.88.

Market capitalization is the total dollar value of a company's shares. It is calculated by multiplying the outstanding shares of a company by the current market price of one share. Investors use this figure to determine the size of a company, as opposed to the use of total assets or sales figures. Market capitalization is important because company size is a basic indicator of multiple characteristics that investors are interested in, including risk. It is easy to calculate. For example, a company with 40 million shares with a value of $ 100 per share would have a market capitalization of $ 4 billion. Companies are ranked according to their market capitalization, classifying them as large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap. Companies with a large market capitalization usually have a market capitalization of $ 10 billion and higher. These large-cap companies usually exist for a long time and are usually big players in established industries. Midcap companies have a market capitalization of $ 2 billion – $ 10 billion. Mid-cap companies are active in sectors that are expected to grow rapidly. Companies with a market capitalization of $ 300 million – $ 2 billion are classified as small cap companies. These companies are mostly young and can serve both new industries and niche markets. The market capitalization of Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) is $ 2165.51.

Any given stock can have somewhere between 1 and 40 broker analysts who make EPS estimates if they follow the company. Zacks have been tracking these sell-side analyst estimates for more than 25 years, creating consensus EPS estimates. These estimates are the average of all current estimates made available by broker analysts. Consensus expectations are better because they reduce the risk that a single analyst makes an incorrect prognosis. In the case of Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY), Zacks followed 11 brokers to create the consensus EPS estimate.

Zacks calculates consensus estimates for the current quarter, the next quarter, the current fiscal year, the next fiscal year, and also a long-term growth rate. A company can meet the same revenue & # 39; if the forecast, the profit & # 39; defeat & # 39; then predict, or & # 39; miss & # 39; (lower than the forecast). Missing a forecast is of course the worst result, because it indicates that the company does not perform as well as the investors thought. A "Miss" often causes the price of the share to fall.

Zacks followed 9 analysts to create a quarterly consensus estimate of 0.01 for Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY).

Zacks followed 9 analysts to reach a consensus of 0.47 for the last completed fiscal quarter for Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY).

Zacks provides an average of brokerage recommendations (ABR) for a given share. The ABR is a quick overview of where Wall Street is in stock without searching through countless research reports. All research reports from brokers contain recommendations in some form. The different companies use different terms for their classification systems, ie using "better than instead of" buying ", but Zacks sorts them correctly in their 5-level classification system, and each of the 5 classifications has a value linked to the calculation of ABR, the lower the ABR, the more favorable Wall Street sees the company.

Zacks only finds a modest value in knowing the current ABR for a share. Knowing the direction in which the ABR moves is considered much more valuable. Shares with improving ABR & # 39; s will outperform the market and those with erosive ABRs will perform less well. The ABR of Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) in the industry is 62 and a number of 1.55.

Within the investment sector, Zacks Investment Research is considered one of the most valued companies. Zacks says that the guiding principle behind their company is that there is a reason why listed companies spend billions of dollars a year on inventory research. These investment experts need to know something special that is indicative of the direction of future share prices. The goal of Zacks is to unlock that secret knowledge and make it available to their customers to help them improve their results.

In 1978, Len Zacks, founder of the company, discovered that revisions of earnings expectations are the most powerful force affecting stock prices. From this point of departure he developed a quantitative model that exploits the power of profit estimation revisions, such as the degree of change, the surprises and the direction to create the Zacks ranking. The innovative and unique rating system from Zacks predicts the potential for future price increases. The system also clearly indicates when a share must be bought, sold or held.

Len Zacks, a mathematician, created a system that is completely objective and mathematical and removes all emotions from the equation. The rank only raises the question whether mathematics predicts that the price will rise. In the following years, Zacks Investment Research has become one of the most respected companies on Wall Street. Today Wall Street uses Zacks Rank together with Zacks Equity Research, a method that combines the best of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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