International coffee day in Far North Queensland

With plantations and cafes throughout the region and beans grown locally on the plateaus, the far north has a strong bond with coffee.

Today is International Coffee Day, an occasion to celebrate what goes into a cup.

L & # 39; Unico Trattoria Italiano restaurant manager Adam Hope said coffee is an important part of the culinary experience of the Trinity Beach Italian restaurant. "A latte or cappuccino is the most popular coffee we serve, but we also do a few fair desserts around coffee as an affogato," he said.

"It's a big part of the food, it's the main reason we're open for breakfast."

Mr Hope said the care taken with the extraction of the coffee and the filtering and pouring of the milk is what makes a good coffee great.

"Knowing that you get the best quality ingredients and the best techniques, you can not get that at home or with immediate effect," he said. "Combine it with food and the great view and it can not be defeated."

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