NT Government unveils new master fire to 3 million & # 39; sleeping Territories & # 39; to get used to life opportunities in the NT

The common plan of the Gunner Government to shake up billions of "sleeping Territories" for the possibilities of living in the NT has been revealed.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner unveiled the master brand strategy, which comes with the slogan: "The Territory, Boundless Possible".

He described the slogan as "deliberately shocking".

"It is a very nice summary of the area that I know and the area that many of us know," he said.

Victorian creative company, the Royals Place Brand Consortium, was appointed at the beginning of the year to convey a unified message to sell the area as a place to live and do business.

media_cameraThe Labor Government of the Territory has unveiled a new Masterbrand to encourage people to invest, do business, live and work here

More than 700 Territorians and 2000 people living in interstates and overseas have provided input for the $ 1.5 million project.

Work by market research firm McGregor Tan identified 2.8 million & # 39; dedicated opportunists & # 39; that were open to living, working, studying or investing in the NT.

They were people aged 25-45 years, single or with young families who were tired of long journeys and stagnant careers in the south and were looking for a new opportunity.

Approximately 75 percent of the committed opportunists are open to the idea of ​​a territorial movement and 21 percent are already considering to shift the interstate.

hey will be the target of two-year campaign series, and begs them to consider switching to the NT.


But the first phase of the master brand strategy will consist of selling the message to Territories.

The master fire comes with a logo that shows the traditional ocher of the territory on the shelf in favor of two purple tones.

Ocher remains the official color of the territory and the government's logos remain unchanged.

The Royals managing partner Andrew Siwka said that purple was chosen because it was the product of blending the sky blue with the red of the territory dust without evoking the feeling of uncomfortable warmth associated with ocher or red.

media_cameraAn image of the new & # 39; Boundless Possible & # 39; campaign of the NT Government. Image: delivered

Siwka said that the unconventional wording of "Boundless Possible" was a deliberate choice to keep the slogan in mind.

"We have been saying the same things in the same way for a long time and it has clearly not received any response, so we had to do something different," he said.

"We had to do something that stayed with people."

The slogan performed well in public tests, Mr Siwka said.

media_cameraThe Gunner government has unveiled its new Masterbrand strategy

The main brand will be supplemented by the population strategy of the NT, which will be launched during a lunch on Wednesday.

As revealed in the Sunday Territorianthis population strategy means that employees who have a shortage of skills receive financial incentives.

Opposition leader Gary Higgins said the Labor government should concentrate on figuring out the social problems of the area before it began to make time with new slogans.

"The words on the tip of the Territorians' tongues are crime and the economy, not those words that have cost ($ 1.5 million) to come up with," he said.

"It does not matter what stimulus your people are going to offer, why would people come to the territory to get a job if the crime gets out of hand?"

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