The $ 35 extra you have to pay

VICTORIAN drivers have sampled $ 800 million over the last six years for a database that has never been materialized.

The Herald Sun has revealed that a special levy that had to pay for a new VicRoads database never got off the ground.

A fee of $ 35, introduced by the then Baillieu government in 2012, was added to the registration fee in Victoria to help pay for the development of the technology called RandL.

The special levy remains despite the fact that the program was canceled in 2015 after a number

During the time needed to kill the project, the costs had risen to $ 100m.

A former member of a whistleblower told the Herald Sun that VicRoads is still using the computer system that was operational before the charge was applied.

The service strategy of VicRoads, Jill Fitzroy, said the authority always looked at how you can better serve motorists.

"We manage more than 23,000 km of arteries in Victoria, 5.7 million vehicle egistrations and more than 4.6 million registered drivers," she said.

"Registration fees play an important role in providing the services Victorians expect, our registration fees remain one of the lowest in the country.

" Our new online portal, MyVicRoads, has improved the way we provide services by providing customers with an easier way to access a range of services. "[19659003] Government spokesman Ben McNair told the newspaper registration fees fund general road maintenance and upgrades

" Vehicle registration costs finance major upgrades and maintenance to keep our road network safe and secure reliable for the more than 4.6 million registered drivers in Victoria, "he

" VicRoads manages more than 25 million customer transactions every year, many through its hugely successful MyVicRoads platform, which is also funded by registration fees. "[19659003] The Victorian opposition was approached for comment.

was foreseen that the RandL database would use facial recognition technology and be compatible with the database of the Victorian police. The technology that VicRoads uses does not have these functionalities.

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