American comic playwright Neil Simon died at 91

One of Broadway's most productive and popular playwrights, Neil Simon, who wrote The Odd Couple, died at the age of 91.

Simon died in New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York, because of complications from pneumonia, according to representatives of the Broadway theater, DKC / O & M said on Sunday.

He was hospitalized a few days ago and pneumonia was in his lungs, said publicist and friend Bill Evans.

The writer of the Odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park had more than 30 plays on Broadway and also wrote countless films, some original and other adaptations of his theater works.

He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for his play Lost in Yonkers and received more Oscar and Tony nominations combined than any other writer.

Simon also wrote original scripts, of which The Goodbye Girl was the best known, with Richard Dreyfuss as a struggling actor, and The Heartbreak Kid, with Charles Grodin as a recently married man, who wanted to drop his new wife for a blonde goddess played by Cybill Herder.

Many of his plays have been adapted into films and one, The Odd Couple, became a popular TV series.

Simon's former wife Marsha Mason paid tribute to her ex-husband who said he was "a great talent and a man, a husband and a father".

"He will be very missed, with his death, his work and his life impressions that will be enjoyed for many generations." I miss him deeply and always. "

Big Bang Theory maker Bill Prady said that "there is no American comic writer whose work is not affected by the rhythm and music of Neil Simon's words."

Mark Hamill called Simon a "GIANT of the American theater".

Simon was married five times, twice with the same woman. He is survived by his fourth wife, actress Elaine Joyce; two daughters, Ellen and Nancy; three grandchildren; and a great-grandson.

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