In Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend struggles with drugs

The death of MAC Miller on Friday caused the music world to rock and caused a deluge of sorrow from music fans.

Ariana Grande's rapper-ex-boyfriend died of a suspected overdose after years of wrestling with substance abuse and depression – a battle that served as a source of inspiration for his music.

Miller was born in Pittsburgh and became a nocturnal sensation in 2011 after the release of his debut album, Blue Side Park.

But Miller told it Complex in 2013 he saw the pressure of a tour in 2012 and his debut record, promoted by critics, him & # 39; lean & # 39; – a mix of codeine and promethazine – began to use to make his depression self-medication.

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"I was not happy and I was very thin on skinny," he said. "I was so crazy that it was always bad, my friends could not even look at me, I was lost."

In 2014, Miller independently released mixtape faces – a record that he later toldBillboard was "super depressing".

In faces Miller talked frankly about the use of cocaine, angel dust and codeine and said that "a drug addiction like Philip Hoffman will probably put me in a coffin".

After releasing the more cheerful GO: OD AM in 2015 Miller admitted that Billboard he used fewer drugs after being worried that it would kill him.

"It just eats in your mind, doing drugs every day, every second, it's rough on your body," he said.

"That was the plan with faces' [closing song]. Grand finale would be the last song I had made on earth. I do not feel much anymore. & # 39;

In a 2016 interview, Miller gave a music website fader the rapper also discussed his desire not to die from drugs like other famous people.

"I prefer the old-fashioned rapper than the drugged mess that can not even get out of his house," he said.

"Overdosing is just not cool, there's no legendary romance, you're not going into history because you've given an overdose, you're just going to die."

The rapper also revealed that he hated to be sober and to have sought other drugs after marijuana use had misled him.

"At a certain point, weed did not weaken me, it made me more paranoid about what was happening," Miller said.

"I had to get a drug that was numb and less in your head, so yes, I think that's really what led me to use other medications because I do not like being sober, I wanted a medicine."

In 2016, Miller began the dating of Grande, the couple who worked on his fourth studio album The Divine Feminine.

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Miller and Grande split in May of this year after they had dated two years, with the singer engaged to comedian Pete Davidson a month later.

A week after their breakup, Miller was arrested for allegedly drinking his car while he was drunk and then fled the scene.

Despite reports in the media, he claimed that he had struggled to follow their split, Miller saidDaan Lowe in July he was happy for Grande.

"It's weird, like, the whole thing is a bit strange, but it's not negative," Miller said. "It's just a part of something that will continue to help me make me who I am, you know, it's all positive energy, I'm happy for her, and go on with her life just like I'm sure she's with me. is. "

Speak withRolling stonea month later Miller claimed that his heavy drug use was in the past.

"If a bunch of people think I'm a huge drug addict, OK, cool, what can I really do?" "Go talk to all those people and be like" Naw man, it's not that simple? " "Mille said. "Have I used drugs? Yes, but am I a drug addict?"

The day before his death Miller spoke about his new album Swimming and how he struggled to deal with the spotlight.

"There is pressure, many times in my life, I have been exerting this pressure to keep myself to the standard of what I thought I should be, or how I was supposed to be perceived," he said. Vulture.

Miller, real name Malcolm McCormick, was found dead on Friday in his San Fernando Valley home in California.

According to TMZ a male friend had called 911 for help, but the rapper was declared dead when the ambulance arrived.

Miller was ready to go on tour next month and a few hours before his death he had posted an Instagram story with a vinyl record with lyrics of his song That's how it goes.

If you or someone you know needs help, call Lifeline at 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue 1300 224 636.

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