JK Rowling confirms the theory about Hermione & # 39; s name

IF YOU ARE ME AS I WERE, you used a whole – er – creative statement from "Hermione" while reading the first three and a half Harry Potter books.

Then something changed. In the fourth episode Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire, a whole passage was aimed at pointing out that foreign student Viktor Krum had misrepresented the name Hermione Granger by saying "Her-my-own" instead of the right "Her-my-oh-knee."

It really changed the game. The first film had not even been released yet (it would be a year later, in 2001) so before that very pointed fragment most of us had never had a reference point on how to say Hermione's name.

So, did the author do it – sat with us all – do it on purpose?

A Twitter user brought it to J.K. Rowling this week, write: "Theory: J. K. Rowling recorded that passage on how to pronounce the name of Hermione in Goblet or Fire, only for school that all said HER-MINE-OWN LIKE Viktor Krum. & # 39;

The British author retweeted the comment of the fan and confirms: "Theory correct."

There was a strong reaction from fans on Twitter, with some even fussing on their own weird and beautiful past & # 39; statements from Hermione.

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