Keira Maguire can be the next bachelor & pls God, Let It Happen

According to a NW source, sass-queen Keira Maguire is fishing to be next year Bachelorettewhat can we say if we fully support ourselves. We want to see that. What, please, somebody let this happen.

Although it would not be a Sophie Monk-category coup through Network 10, a Keira Maguire season would be much more interesting than expected from this year's good girl Ali Uetjen – although Oetjen & # 39; s ascension to the Bachelorette throne at least sets a precedent where a contender from one Bachelor education season years and years past (Maguire was on Richie StrahanSeason 2016, while Oetjen was on Tim Robards& # 39; Original 2013 season) gets her choice from 25 handsome guys.

Okay, let's go to the & # 39; source & # 39; to go:

Jarrod broke Keira's heart – she imagined a marriage and baby's with that guy, and then he just dumped her! So she is going to make sure she laughs the last time by again searching for love on TV and reminding him of what he has thrown away.

What better way to get over your ex than to go on TV and have it read by a pack of 10/10 rigs?

NW says that casting agents are quite in the idea, their source points to the fact that the Australian public has "really warmed up"To the one-time Bachelor education villain: "Everyone has discovered a sweeter side of Keira – and more than ever they want her to be happy for a long time. And there is no doubt that she is keen on it – she has wanted this opportunity for so long!"

In the words of Maguire: "I would like to[[[[The bachelorette]Is more my thing – at least I have control. I would definitely do it! But I would probably be a lot more fun, because I would not want to let anyone see what I've been through."

The possibility of a spirited Keira Maguire Bachelorette season comes on the same day as New idea reports that former bae Jarrod Woodgate dumped her via SMS: "I can not even remember what we were quibbling about about,"Maguire begins."Then he sent me a message with the message: & # 39; I do not think this works, & # 39; and that was it. I thought we would try to see someone and work on them, but he did not want that."

She went on to say that after a while "in isolation"Earlier Bachelor in paradise aired trust issues came to the fore when they finally "saw the things he said, [and] watch[ed] he with Ali [Oetjen] and Simone [Ormesher] on dates":"He fell so easily to Ali and was so light-hearted from his feelings. I was worried if he even liked me. "

Maguire also went into the story that Woodgate left her because she "did not have a jobAnd he had financially supported her:

He would really get frustrated because I did not have a job and [he] could not understand my lifestyle, earn money with Instagram.

The point is that I earn more than he does. Everyone thinks he's this rich man who has a winery. It does not work. He works on his parents' farm and does not support me financially. I completely spoiled the mess.

Meanwhile in women's Day today, a friend of Woodgate says that his continued infatuation with Sophie Monk is partly due to the splitting of the couple.

There is a large part of Jarrod that did not recover from the final with Sophie, and [going on] Bachelor in paradise was more therapy for him and a need for acceptance.

He was absolutely in love with Sophie and she was always & # 39; the one who left & # 39; for him. Everyone thought he only came together with Keira because of her resemblance to Sophie. It is no coincidence that they not only look the same, but are also straightforward, down-to-earth girls.

Here is another mysterious source that weighs: "Keira was always terrified that he would leave her and run to Sophie, especially after Sophie became single earlier this year. "

Apparently Maguire had nothing to worry about: Monk & # 39; s found a plane.

The break between Woodgate and Maguire was the first of three Bachie splits last week, before Jake Ellis and Megan Marx, and Courtney Dober and New Zealander Lily McManuswho met The Bachelor Winter Games, a kind of international, sports theme and damn cold answer to the vibes of the island Bachelor in paradise. You remember Dober Georgia LoveIs 2016 Bachelorette season – where he lasted far too long, given that he was not at a distance romantically interested in the love disease journo.

I wish I did not have to do this … Unfortunately it is the world we live in, so here it is. There are probably not many of you who will understand this or even be able to relate, but Lily and I have chosen not to end our relationship, but to continue it as partners. We are best friends and it is clear to both of us that the emotional side of our relationship simply does not allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. Maybe in a world where there are no distractions, no obstacles in life, nothing else counts and looking into the future was not even a thought, things can be different … but that is not a reality and we have decided that this is the best is. Now, for this deleted scene from the adventure where we met. This video captures us. My wretched humor, our vulnerability, your witty answers, our many similarities, including drinking beer from shoes, but most of all the moment we both took a chance with each other. In my view, this was the moment when our relationship started, 8 months, 2 weeks and 2 days ago. Man's time flies … I love your boy. On my 21st I have never met anyone who has lived so many lives, achieved so much and is still so ambitious and ready to take over the world. Since you moved here, you have lived in 6 different apartments, towed 2 cars and crushed, you write books, a TV series, starring in Amazon shows, studying to be an actress, trying an insta how to be, an insta how and you only had 3 nervous breakdowns. That is impressive! Above all, you have had to deal with an old man with knees before dating the dinosaurs and who just try to keep up. Seriously, I am very proud of you. Google gives you a list of your own capital of 15 million and although it may be a little different at the moment, I do not doubt that you will be worth twice as much in a day. I have always lived under the motto – "Everything happens for a reason" and I have no doubt that we would meet each other. In Vermont everything we ever heard from everyone was "Lily and Courtney, they are exactly the same person". It was a bit scary but very refreshing. (In addition, you are a much more attractive reflection than I am used to.) The grandmother's panties with crab woman are back on the market, make sure you enjoy living quickly or you will struggle to keep up.

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Yesterday, The Daily Telegraph speculated that it is NOT RECOGNIZING that all three pairs would split the same week Warner Bros. began casting calls for season two of Bachelor in paradise. NOT REALLY.


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