Nicki Minaj responds to images of Kylie Jenner who meets her at the VMA's

Yesterday a video appeared Kylie Jenner easing the donkey 2018 Video Music Awards to prevent a run-in Nicki Minaj who had called her and her bae Travis Scott out on twitter the day before.

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In the video you can see Kylizzle who strokes the red carpet when she notices that Minaj is coming her way.

She suddenly turns back her tracks and seems to ask her assistant if they can go the other way in order not to bump into the savage singer.

Meanwhile, the crowd can be heard as she recites Nicki's name as she runs over the red carpet while Jenner flees.

Cop the brutal images below:

Minaj has since recorded the images that the rounds were doing yesterday and the air through Complex, revealing that she actually has no problems with Jenner herself, only with the situation.

& # 39; She has to ride with her husband, why would not she do that? & # 39; She said about Kylie who supports Scott, which according to Minaj has catapulted his album to number one.

"We're not going to make this what it is not, she's a dull girl, it's all about music, she has nothing to do with it, my fans do not feed in. We love Kylie."

The & # 39; Bed & # 39; the first tweets of the singer called out the power pair to hit her to the top of the charts based on their popularity alone.

The feud was enough for the VMA peeps to separate Minaj from the new parents, so they were on either side of the room.

Maybe the frightened face of poor Kylie in the video was enough to calm Nicki and I mean, thank God.

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