Ross and Rachel On & # 39; Friends & # 39; were not originally supposed to fall apart


Ross and Rachel would be together forever. That was at least the plan, about which in the friends writer's room. But as we all know, they did not have to be: halfway through season 3 Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, natch) went back and forth to investigate their feelings. Ross had a one-night view. Rachel found out. They have fought an episode. Ross gave the world the immortal and terribly venomous expression "We were in a break!" Then they went forever from each other. (But not really forever.)

In an exclusive interview with Subway, friends executive producer and director Kevin S. Bright revealed that the "break" came about only because eternal love, well, is a kind of boring television.

"We realized when we got them together, when the first kiss happened, we go," Wow, the air has disappeared from the balloon. "There was no more sexual tension" "Clearly remembered." As soon as everyone had his wish, the wish was removed. "

And so the friends staff took a page from it cheers, the show that the will-she-or-won? invented? sitcom scenario: they have fueled the tension by letting them run out. Hell, Ross and Rachel are even accidentally married and have a child. But after their & # 39; break & # 39; which became a real break, would it be seven maddening seasons of will-she-or-won-not-she-again? Things for love were forever again. That is, until friends will be restarted somewhere in the next two to twenty years.

(Through Subway and The A.V. Club)

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