Sia met Donald Trump at & # 39; SNL & # 39; and her story comes with a worthless turn

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Long ago, in 2015, before he fired everyone from his golden toilet in the White House, Donald Trump only wanted a photo with Sia.

In a Rolling stone profile published Friday, the singer remembered how Trump politely started when she refused to take a picture together after they both appeared Saturday Night Live. But the funniest part? Sia said she had "crazy diarrhea" after the meeting.

Sia walked back to her dressing room when Trump hosted that night SNL, saw her and asked for a photo together.

"We have to get a photo!" Sia remembered Trump's story. His daughter Ivanka was reportedly with the future president and ready to take a picture, but Sia refused his request.

The singer said she was worried about the possible indignation that would come if she were seen with Trump. "Actually, do you mind if we do not, I have a lot of weird and Mexican fans and I do not want them to think I support your views," she remembered when she told Trump.

Apparently not offended, Trump brushed it off and did not seem angry or angry. "Oh, no problem, do not do it," he said in Sia & # 39; s report.

"It seemed like he saw me as protecting my brand," she added. That is the turn of this story.

"I thought & # 39; thank you very much & # 39 ;, & # 39; Sia said Rolling stone, before adding, "and then I went to my dressing room and had crazy diarrhea."

While you might notice LOLing at the meeting, such as the follow-up report from the Huffington Post, it is not the only time the Australian pop star ever took a serious dump after in a stressful situation.

In December 2017 she tweeted to her fans how she suffered from similar symptoms after bad weather conditions ruin a flight, and when a bloated tire gave me "crazy diarrhea" during a 13-hour ride.

The question now is: will Trump back? Shadow her on Twitter? We all know how easily annoyed the 45th president of the United States is when someone says something about him remotely.

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