Sia says that Trump Run-In has given her the run

But you can not see me falling apart / because I have an elastic shart.

Sia Furler is not so well known for providing it to a lot of information, in fact the artist has made a career by breaking away from her performances.

The 42-year-old Aussie singer-songwriter hides her face with wigs, hats, proxy dancers and often literally in the shadow, and turned away from what it meant to be a performer.

She revealed to Kirsten Wiig Interview that the reason she decided to hide her face came from a lack of control: "I try to control my image," she said, "and I can keep a little privacy".

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"But I also do not want to be plucked apart or for people to observe when I take ten pounds or take ten pounds or I have misplaced hair extensions or my fake brown has failed."

Although her distinctive brand from the spotlight was a unique choice, it is undeniable that it worked for her. In 2015, Sia was invited to perform Saturday Night Live three times – organized in one installment by US President Donald Trump.

Filming in a profile for Rolling stoneSia remembered that Trump found her backstage and asked for a picture.

According to the Chandelier she reacted quickly, "Actually, do you mind if we do not, I have a lot of weird and Mexican fans and I do not want them to think that I support your views."

Apparently, Trump had no problem getting rejected, because Sia thought he was protecting her decision as "protective" & # 39; saw [her] Brand".

But the short run-in caused some runs of their own …

"I thought" thank you very much "," she said Rolling stone before adding, "and then I went to my dressing room and had crazy diarrhea."

Really a queen of the people.

View it full Rolling stone interview here.

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