Star Wars: Filming of ninth episode in progress in the UK

STAR Wars fans can take their first look at the next episode of the franchise.

The film, which is only known as Star Wars 9, is currently in production just outside London, with John Boyega and Oscar Isaac pictured on set on Thursday, reports The sun .

Boyega, who plays Finn, looked completely relaxed as he waited with Isaac, Poe Dameron, between the takes.

The filming, which takes place in a top secret location, is only a few kilometers outside the capital.

There were large groups of extras around to mill, all dressed in extra large camouflage jackets.

Others were packed in dirty black and gray coats and they were listened carefully to their instructions before filming began.

Chewbacca was also spotted by filming some scenes alongside a horse covered in gray fur.

Actor Joonas Suotamo, who plays the iconic character, looked exhausted when he took off the upper part of his costume to get air.

Later rain stopped playing and the cast and crew were forced to take shelter.

Suotamo was talking to a few crew members under his umbrella at the top of the hill where he had filmed his scenes.

The film is shrouded in secrecy since it was revealed that it had begun production.

It is directed by JJ Abrams, the visionary behind the The Force Awakens.

When is he asked to go back to work Star Wars 9, he said he wanted "to go further and do better than we did in 7".

Earlier this year, The sun revealed how Ewan McGregor came back Star Wars 9.

But bosses want to keep his role so secret that he works behind closed doors on his scenes.

The Scottish actor last played Obi-Wan in 2005 & # 39; s Revenge of the Sith.

One source said: "Ewan will film in secret for the next Star Wars film.

"Disney pondered a stand-alone movie for Obi-Wan, and there were concerns about the straightening of the story."

Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Kelly Marie Tran and Mark Hamill also all return.

Carrie Fisher does not appear Star Wars 9 Despite her disclosure by her brother Todd, they had given Disney permission to use images of her.

LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy said earlier this year: "[Todd] was probably confused because we had completed everything [Episode VIII]. [Fisher’s] absolutely phenomenal in the film and we were so happy to shoot in the summer.

"Unfortunately [Fisher] died, so by the time we were well on the way with Episode IX, we had not yet written the script in our minds, but we regrouped, we started again in January. "

Although the plot has been kept under control, fans already know that this is the last part that will be based on the Skywalker family.

Star Wars 9 is released in December 2019.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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