Sylvester Stallone starts & # 39; Rambo 5 & # 39; training

Sylvester Stallone touches the gym in preparation for a return to Rambo.

The 72-year-old actor gave a look at his training in a video that he shared on Instagram Friday. "Only because you have reached a certain age does not mean you have to feel that age", Stallone wrote in the caption.

Adrian Grunberg, who led the actor led by Mel Gibson Get the Gringo, steps behind the camera for the newest item in the long-term franchise that was launched in 1982 First blood. Stallone co-wrote the script and resumes his role as the armed warrior who will then take over the Mexican cartel.

Rambo, who is now retired and is living a modest life as a farm worker in Arizona, is again involved in a bloody fight when he works with an investigative journalist to track down and rescue a group of girls kidnapped by a cruel Mexican sexual ring .

The project reintegrates Stallone with Expendables producer Avi Lerner and is expected to go for cameras on September 1st. Spain and the Spanish Canary Islands have emerged as reported recording locations.

Stallone last brought the character back to life in 2008 Rambo, the 20-year-later sequel to Rambo III. That episode was written and directed by Stallone, who will repeat his most famous role of battered boxer Rocky Balboa this Thanksgiving Creed II after a first step back in that role within nine years after his own Rocky franchise sendoff in 2006.

The actor-writer-director has not stepped behind the camera since the franchise launch in 2010 The expendables, where he collaborated with cache actors such as Jason Statham and Jet Li.

Stallone is linked to the next direct and star next Star Wars actor Adam Driver in drama Hard when they come, an adaptation of the best selling memorial of Travis Mills about a Staff Sgt. who is just one of five soldiers who have ever survived a quadruple amputation of an injury on the battlefield.

Rambo 5 is being prepared for an undated end of 2019 release.

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