The Block 2018: Uncover master ensuite room

HAYDEN and Sara spent $ 75,000 on The Block & # 39; s newest room, a master ensuite, making it the most expensive bathroom in the history of the show.

But it turned out to be a costly mistake, where the judges only praised their $ 8,000 brass tub – and even that took a beating.

Finally, for the third consecutive week, everything was a bit too much for Sara, who had a huge slump and left the show.

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This is what happened:


When entering the penthouse bathroom, Judge Shaynna Blaze said: "Oh my God, this is great, have you ever seen such a bath?" She was clearly mesmerized by the copper bath that described it as "beautiful" and a different kind of "luxury". At this moment Sara's face was flooded with relief and she probably thought, "Yes, of course I nailed this."

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Not at all.

In general, the bathroom was described as a "mix of triumph and disaster".

They went for a "royalty feeling" with luxurious details, including a marble floor and wall and herringbone tiles.

While the jurors agreed on the beauty and positioning of the bath in the bathroom, it was where it ended. Neale Whitaker said he did not think it belonged to the ensuite.

& # 39; It just does not come together here for me, & # 39; said Neale. "I do not like the choice of tiles on the wall.

"I feel like I'm trying to be persuaded by this beautiful piece that someone says you should like this bathroom because of that bath, but not me."

They were praised on the floor and bath work, but guest judge John McGrath, founder of McGrath Estate Agents, thought the dark tiles on the other walls had closed the room.

& # 39; They must try to save this bathroom, & # 39; said John. "It has the potential to wipe out potential buyers."

Hayden and Sara took Shaynna's offer to accompany them, but the feedback still sent Sara into a madness, and threw a huge tantrum, saying they did not deserve to come last.

"This is embarrassing now, in which we extend heart and soul, I do not want to do this anymore, I'm over it," Sara shouted at a producer after the feedback from jurors.

"Oh f ** k this I'm going to measure, I'm about it.

"I do not want to be here, I do not want to do this when we come last time and are ashamed of national television, why would I want to do this?"

They came last on the leaderboard, if you had not picked it up yet.


Kerrie and Spence have the style and appearance of their room sewn according to the judges.

They would have come second to the netball players Carla and Bianca if they had not used their bonus point, but they did, on top of the leader board.

They went for a simple but glamorous style with a double vanity, black fixtures and a luxurious herringbone function wall. The only criticism they had received was due to their black drainage, which Shaynna described as an unnecessarily prominent feature.

In comparison with their previous revealing bathroom that had no personality, Neale said they had taken it to another level.

"It has a high-end feel, I like the subtle details like the beautiful fishbone effect on the tiles, it all works visually and feels very balanced," he said.

John said he could not see a potential buyer coming in and was not impressed.

Shaynna praised them for their cupboard space (which they did not have in their other bathroom), regal elegance and functionality.


The biggest controversy for the room of Hans and Courtney were the floor tiles of terrazzo, and according to John it was possible to polarize people.

But Shaynna did not agree with the comment that it was "St Kilda" and many hotels have this style of tiling on their floors and baths.

The couple had a large walk-in shower and the hero was their freestanding stone bath.

Neale loved the bath and Shaynna praised them on their matching washbasins.

They were however beaten because they did not maximize space and had an "awkward" shower finish.

Despite winning the bathroom last week, the design of this week was not enough to win another victory. They were third.

"They rested on size and scale are luxurious and it is not enough," Shaynna said.


Norm and Jess were second in the bathroom room last week and the judges love their luxurious appearance.

This week they came to the penultimate place, where the judges brought them to scale problems.

They were only a point for Hayden and Sara.

Norm and Jess went for a sophisticated look with a sunken shaving bracket and a double shower and a floor-high marble play wall.

"It does not have that sense of luxury," said John, "but it does have a nice first impression."

"It is a small bathroom that stores above its weight because it has the height," Neale said, adding that he loved the marble.

Unfortunately, Shaynna was not impressed with the scale, especially their washbasins and shower door.

She said it did not have the softness and luxury of their other bathroom, but John said that it met the criteria of a penthouse.


The girls received almost perfect feedback and had won when Kerrie and Spence had not used their bonus.

The only negativity was from Shaynna about the sewer system.

"The hair, how do you get the hair out?" She asked Shaynna and she was right. The battle is real.

But apart from that, the jurors thought it was a quiet, refined and & # 39; fairly perfect & # 39; bathroom was.

They had a stone wall in the shower, similar to their main bathroom (which was half the size) and they continued the theme with a custom-made wooden dressing table with marble top and tiles that ran all the way to the 4-meter-high ceiling.

Neale struggled to keep his eyes off the workbench, which Shaynna described as an astonishing combination of wood and marble.

Although it was a lack of storage space that she spent in last week's bathroom, Shaynna unveiled this time she nailed it, leaving plenty of room.

"What I see here is the best of simplicity where there is less, the style is great and they really understand luxury," said Neale.

John said he would have every confidence in presenting such a bathroom to a potential buyer.

"It is reasonably close to error-free."


Curry and Spence | Score: 27.5 (Winners)

Bianca and Carla Score: 27

Courtney and Hans Score: 24

Norm and Jess Score: 23

Hayden and Sara Score: 22

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