The police will be shooting in prison this week

SALIM The legs of Mehajer will be photographed this week by the police in the Cooma prison after the detectives have been successfully applied to him to undergo the procedure.

The police are of the opinion that they can match a leg covered with distinctive tattoos to a leg caught on CCTV video during an alleged cash delivery.

Detectives travel to Cooma's correctional facility in the Snowy Mountains, where Mehajer is trapped to photograph his legs, despite his opposition to the procedure.

They will photograph both legs, although according to documents obtained by, it is only one leg in which they are interested. understands that this is the right leg of Mehajer, with possibly tattoos of a woman that resembles the former wife of Mehajer, dollar signs, the initials "SM" and the word "millionaire".

An affidavit from the police reveals that researchers have camera images of person at a meeting "where $ 1250 is exchanged", showing "a big leg tattoo the length of the whole leg".

Police claim in the affidavit that the cash swap meeting is related to a car accident. Mehajer is responsible for the staging of last October to prevent a court hearing.

"This meeting is recorded on CCTV camera's with the camera with clear tattoos on the legs of Mehajer," the police claim in the court documents.

The police claim that they went to the Silverwater prison in March to inspect and photograph the legs of Mehajer, but that "he refused to grant permission because the tattoo was private and personal".

The 32-year-old was accused of perverting justice over the allegedly falsified crash and conspiratorial to deceive and deceive.

Mehajer has denied all accusations.

He was released on bail for these allegations, but was later sentenced to 10 months in prison for unrelated electoral fraud convictions and moved to Cooma prison.

At the Burwood Local Court on Monday Magistrate Robyn Denes granted the request and ordered the police to make photos of both legs … at the Cooma Correctional Center within the next seven days ".

The police statement states that when Mehajer was arrested in January on the basis of the alleged car accidents, "no pictures of these tattoos were taken during the loading process".

But it claims that "public social media holdings (Mehajer) display with a similar leg tattoo.

"However, it is known that (Mehajer) denies that he has that tattoo and that the photos taken are not of his leg".

Two years ago, Mr. Mehajer denied being the owner of a leg on Instagram photo released by the trendy Bondi Ink tattoo shop.

The leg featured the tattoo of the image of a woman who is very similar to his now-former wife, the name "Aysha", and initials "SM".

In February 2016 The Daily Telegraph revealed that Bondi Ink photo ?? s of a man's legs suggested a portrait of Aysha Mehajer on the upper part and her name on the lower leg.

The leg, allegedly tattooed 18 months earlier, also contained the initials "SM", the word "millionaire", dollar signs and a pistol similar to a pistol in the wedding video of Mr Mehajer 2015.

Also on the leg were skulls, a rose and a distinctive crown, such as that used by his family business, Mehajer Bros, and who decorated the front door in his home in Lidcombe.

At that moment Mehajer denied that the tattooed leg was his.

"You have the wrong person, come visit me, I'll show you my legs," he said.

A former Bondi Ink tattoo artist told The Daily Telegraph he created the Aysha Mehajer tattoo and that his client was Mr. Mehajer.

"I have done a lot of work on him," he said. "He is a cool cat, he chooses his own designs and I mix them up."

Rarely has Mehajer been seen in the street in anything but trousers, and when he appeared on bail in August last year, he masked his leg.

The sworn statement from the police has not revealed what the man with the tattooed leg in CCTV footage of the alleged meeting had.

But it says that "confirmation of whether the person is or is not (Salim Mehajer) is an important part of the evidence".

The document claims that Mehajer last year was "the driver of a motor vehicle on the way to a scheduled trial".

The police will "claim that this collision was a planned and dramatic act to prevent (Mehajer) attending the court on that day".

The police claim that the clash involved "at least seven people" in a conspiracy to cheat an $ 156,780 insurance company.

Co-accused in the alleged crash compliance also rejected all charges.

According to the affidavit, the crash was "a deliberate act to pervert the course of a court hearing scheduled to be heard on that day".

The hearing was for charges against Mehajer for attacking a taxi driver with an Eftpos machine last April at the Star Casino in Sydney, for which he was sentenced this year.


"This hearing included the allocation of a courtroom, a judge, legal representatives on both sides, seven civil witnesses … eight police officers who were run in a service," the affidavit said.

"In addition, the costs and the number of emergency services that responded to the collision on the day and that were necessary to physically remove Mehajer from the vehicle.

"The physical removal from the vehicle by emergency services, which further damages the vehicle.

"And the use of public funds in the hospital to which he was transferred.

"Mehajer claimed that he had injured his neck and back at the collision, but he was later released the same day with over-the-counter medication.

Mehajer must submit a security deposit request NSW for release from prison on Tuesday.

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