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Young video game addicts are targeted with caffeine-heavy pills and powders that help them play non-stop.

Supplements like & # 39; Sneak & # 39; and & # 39; GG & # 39; promote products that promise to help gamers improve their concentration, reflexes and the ability to play for longer periods, even throughout the night.

The development comes as professional videogame athletes who are being tested on drugs by banned substances such as Adderall and amphetamines, the Daily Telegraph reported.

companies sell the supplements to popular & # 39; Insta-gamers & # 39; who will promote the product to their young followers.

& # 39; We will not settle for refueling with canned canned energy drinks that pumping us and then dragging us down, & # 39; reading the Sneak website.

A cup from the company of the Sneak company contains 150 mg of caffeine.

& # 39; GG can last between 5-6 hours! The best thing is … unlike sugary canned energy drinks, there is NO CRASH, & # 39; reads the GG website.

Despite the fact that there are no sugars and no calories in GG, a cup contains 100 mg of caffeine, which you would find with a cup of coffee.

Australian medical association President Dr. ir. Tony Bartone slapped the companies for promoting unhealthy behavior and endangering children's lives with long-lasting effects of dehydration, dizziness, palpitations and anxiety, he told the Daily Telegraph.

He thinks that marketing would endanger the lives of children and cause them to use the content too much.

Dr. Bartone also said that there is no reason for children and teens to take supplements that encourage them to play games and for ridiculous hours & # 39 ;.

Daily Mail Australia approached Sneak, GG and D20 Strength for comments.

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