Daffodil Day volunteered to put on a yellow handbag for the cause

A LONGTIME Daffodil Day volunteer known to Kirwan for his iconic yellow suit will hit the stores this week to raise money to fight cancer.

Denis O & # 39; Connor has been selling narcissus for the annual fundraiser for the Cancer Council at Avenues Plaza in the last 10 years and he has heard his fair share of the local population affected by cancer.

"I see a lot of people I've seen over the past year," said Connor.

"Most people do not really want to talk about it, but you get other people who simply want someone to talk to them about how they have lost their parents or their husbands or wives.

"You see so much and hear so many problems in the world.

"When you hear these stories and how people want to help … you feel better.

"It gives you faith in humanity."

O & # 39; Connor, a retired pig farmer from Rollingstone, said he got involved in the Cancer Council after he and his wife moved to Townsville.

"A very good friend with whom I had breast cancer 37 years ago, when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001," he said.

"In 2009 she was again diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.

"When my wife and I retired and moved to Townsville, I wanted to do something to help and that's where it started."

His yellow suit has become an important feature of the role.

"I was lucky that my sister-in-law found it on the internet," said Connor.

"I'm a blue pants and singlets kind of bloke … I would not normally wear something like that, but I do it for Daffodil Day."

O & # 39; Connor has another money maker for charity, collecting scrap to exchange money, all donated to the Cancer Council, with local malls and supermarkets that help him collect cans.

"I'll get a few hundred dollars a year," he said.

"I would probably collect a few thousand cans per month.

"I am bored very quickly, so I love to stay busy."

O & # 39; Connor will sell narcissus at Avenues Plaza from today to Saturday.

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