Fat & # 39; s story of the painful throat of python and the fake shell of the turtle

From a python with a throat inflammation to an inquisitive basset-dog that swallowed 15 rocks, the employees of the Booval Animal Hospital were tickled with respect to unusual cases.

Veterinary nurse Louise Hawkin said that it is not just the usual pets they care about every week.

"We see everything here," she said. "Because we are an animal hospital, we get a lot of those unusual cases.

"And since we are open on Sundays, we see a lot of emergency situations."

When Honey the python came to visit, the veterinarians could immediately determine why they were unwell.

"Honey is a six-year-old python that contracted a laryngitis, the owners noticed that it was not food and it did not go as well," Hawkin said.

"Sore throat infections are very common, as with humans, they can be caused by bacteria in their shells.

"Our vet saw the symptoms immediately: honey had an inflamed throat and ulcers.

"She did some smears under the microscopes and we immediately started Honey with an antibiotic treatment.

"We will monitor that in the coming weeks, but we are happy to say that Honey is getting better."

BAD PET: Honey the snake had developed a laryngitis.

BAD PET: Honey the snake had developed a laryngitis. contributed

The vets also had the difficult task of removing 15 stones that a bass dog had swallowed.

It took almost two hours to get all the stones out.

"This was caused by a problem with the behavior," Hawkins said.

"We have ensured that the dog is safely awakened from the anesthetic and that we are monitoring the intake of food." Fifteen stones in the stomach were very painful for the dog. "

Harvey the bassett hound at 15 Rocks

Harvey the bassett hound at 15 Rocks contributed

Over the past few weeks, the clinic has also helped to care for an orphan's chicken, making it a regular bottle feed and finding the goat a new home through the power of social media.

They also made a false scale for a pet turtle that was attacked by a dog; gave oxygen to a kookaburra that was a little short of breath; and provide a wide range of wildlife, such as opossums and baby birds, so that they can be released into their natural habitat again.

A kookaburra on the side of the road gets oxygen.

A kookaburra on the side of the road gets oxygen.

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