How this woman looks 23 on 43

There is no greater gift than the bartender asks for your ID. Biggest. Compliment. Ever.

Unfortunately, this happens rarely, no matter how many camouflages we apply, and it is a given that when you reach your mid-thirties, you are unlikely to experience it. SOZ.

However, Lure Hsu is THE exception.

How old do you think she is? 18? 23 max? Wrong and wrong – the Taiwan interior decorator has just turned 43. Seriously, 43.

Although we can only assume that genetics plays a major role in its youthful appearance, it religiously follows a strict skin care routine to keep those wrinkles at a distance.

"Moisturizing cream is so important – in fact, aging, fine lines and other skin problems that can reduce moisture intake," Hsu told the Taiwanese Friday magazine in 2015.

"In addition, to keep the skin healthy, the sun is also very important, but not excessively exposed – especially in summer."

She is of the opinion that sunscreen is the most important element, because "the sunned skin is drier and small spots and small fine lines are more easily visible." Reading: sun damage.

But slathering on the sunscreen will not completely immortalize you.

According to Indy 100, Hsu & # 39; s diet is super clean. Although she admits that she is drinking black coffee, she consumes a lot of water and keeps herself busy eating fruit and vegetables, while avoiding all sugary drinks and fatty foods. To add to this, she also practices regularly and sticks to a diet rich in fiber and protein.

So sun protection, regular exercise and a clean diet? Yes, sounds like everything you've ever been told – but alas, Hsu is just the perfect example that it really works.

This story originally appeared on Body and Soul and was republished with permission.

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