Sandalwood can cure baldness ten daily

Turns out it was right under our noses all the time.

In a breakthrough that will undoubtedly make your hair stand-up (sorry), scientists have finally found a remedy for baldness.

Kind of.

It turns out that the smell of sandalwood has the power to stimulate hair follicles and to grow.

Scientists at the University of Manchester used Sandalore, a chemical that mimics the scent of sandalwood and applied it to the human scalp tissue in a laboratory.

It turned out that a receptor called OR2AT4 – which is found in the outer layers of the follicles – was stimulated by the chemical.

They discovered that applying them helped increase hair growth and reduce cell death.

It works because hair follicles are something like our nose in the sense that they can "smell" – by using old odor receptors that help with things like cell growth.

The man who led the study, Professor Ralf Pope, told The Independent that the find was "actually quite baffling". You do not say it?

"This is the first time ever that has been shown to remodeling a normal human mini organ [a hair] can be regulated by a simple, cosmetically widely used fragrance, "he said.

And it does not look like our follically challenged friends will have to wait too long. According to Prof. Pope, who predicts that the results of a clinical study will appear early next year.

Time to smash that incense.

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