Screening Patient tumor tissue can reveal Which cancer drugs work best

Genetic differences can affect the sensitivity of cancer cells to different drugs. In a new one Molecular oncology Research shows that surgically removed breast and prostate tumor specimens can be used to quickly screen different drugs to see which ones are most effectively targeted to an individual's cancer cells.

The ability to quickly evaluate drug efficiency in patient material can help to design personalized drug approaches to cancer.

"The information we get when testing cancer drugs for real human tumors has the potential to advance cancer research in unprecedented ways, from improved diagnostic and prognostic tools to better screening and drug design, and of course tailoring treatments to individual patients, "said lead author Dr. Margaret Centenera, from the University of Adelaide, in Australia.

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Centenera, M.M., et al. A patient-derived explant (PDE) model of hormone-dependent cancer. Mol Oncol. 2018 Aug 16. doi: 10.1002 / 1878-0261

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