The actual age at which you should get Botox

If you have never had a little & # 39; poison & # 39; because you're called playful by loyalists, you're probably very curious … Do you know someone who has done it? (According to statistics – then probably!) How do you know if you need it? And when do you start?

Like so many things in life, it is so deeply personal. Some people consider injectables to be completely invasive, while others consider Botox as an integral part of their anti-aging routine. It really comes down to how you view the world.

For everyone who has considered the preventive, we have some important information for you. There is a golden age to begin with and it is younger than you think, according to Dr. Dr. Phoebe Jones.

"The most common question I get from patients is & # 39; What is the magic number when it comes to starting anti-wrinkle procedures? & # 39; And if I had to set an age, I would say around the 27, said Dr. Jones. "This is the age at which we begin to lose collagen and elasticity in the skin," she explains. "For the majority of people, starting smaller doses of anti-wrinkle injections in the late 20 or early 30s is ideal for preventive purposes," she added.

"Anti-wrinkle injections are performed to ensure that fine lines become softer and do not become deep, and if they are not treated, these fine lines become more difficult to treat, so we encourage people to get anti-wrinkle injections in the late 20 or early 30's instead of waiting for their 40's or 50's.

That said, there is no such thing as it is too late to get anti-wrinkle injections. More mature patients will have some deep lines at rest that will not completely disappear with one anti-wrinkle injection treatment and we can encourage combining these injections with skin fillers to fill the lines, "Dr. Jones said.

"While the age of a person is a contributing factor in deciding when to receive anti-wrinkle injections, there is no set age and other factors play a role, for example, people with exaggerated expressive faces may start a little earlier than the late 20s," Dr. Jones. "In addition, lifestyle factors, including the time spent in the sun without protection and smoking, can really speed up the skin aging process. Being sharp about sun protection is invaluable to your skin," she added.

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