The bride of Sydney has a honeymoon in the US.

A SYDNEY-branded woman fights for her life after suffering several times from her honeymoon in the US.

Joseph and Francheska Bechara got married in Darlington on October 7 before moving to New York City for three weeks to celebrate their commitment.

But after only two days in the Big Apple, Joseph, 28, found Francheska, 27, unconscious in a gym on Saturday.

The primary school teacher was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, before the doctors told Joseph that his new wife had suffered several times.

Francheska has undergone three major brain operations to reduce swelling, according to a GoFundMe page made by friends for the couple.

She is now facing a four-month recovery in the US, according to the page.

Joseph is a project manager at Milestone Civil Australia, where his colleagues have gathered to set up an online fundraiser to help pay the huge medical costs of Francheska.

More than $ 91,000 of the target of $ 300,000 has already been collected.

"Joe has learned that it will be a recovery period of three to four months, because it is impossible for Francheska to travel," read the page.

"Joe needs help with housing, hospital costs (we all know that the US healthcare system is expensive), rehabilitation costs and living expenses.

"All costs are upfront and we want to help Francheska and Joe to get through this gruesome time."

Family friend Rooney Farah described the state of Francheska as "tragic and inconceivable".

"God bless her and the family in this difficult time also her strength and much-needed help," he wrote.

Office manager and friend Sue Richardson, who attended the couple's marriage, said the couple

had just bought a house in the Girraween area in western Sydney and was ready to move and set up their new life together.

"Their whole life is now who knows, waiting to see how her recovery will be, it's just terrible," she said.

Joseph and Francheska met each other a little more than eight years ago in their local church and it was "love at first sight".

Sources from the couple say that they saved money for the "perfect wedding", with over 700 guests attending the sumptuous affair.

Both mothers of the couple have traveled to New York to be at the bed of Francheska.

The Becharas had travel insurance and their hospital costs are estimated at about $ 20,000 per day, the Daily mail reported.

A charitable event and an auction are scheduled for late November or early December at La Montage in Lilyfield, Sydney to raise money for the restoration of Francheska.

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