Authorities are looking for dumped NSW asbestos

Police and environmental authorities are looking for 17,000 tons of asbestos-contaminated waste dumped by an allegedly fraudulent NSW company.

The man who reportedly is behind one of the biggest illegal asbestos dumps in the state is preparing for a lawsuit.

The police at the end of last week arrested the 48-year-old company director at Sydney Airport when he tried to flee the country.

They claim that its trucks have removed approximately 600 shipments of asbestos-contaminated waste from the Green Square redevelopment of mid-2016.

The subcontractor for the City of Sydney project was denied bail and his properties were raided, but the location of the dumped material is still unknown.

The police and the NSW Environment Protection Authority can not tell whether someone is exposed to waste and encourages people with information to come forward.

The man is convicted on Friday for a Sydney court for fraud.

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