Calls for research from the harbor operator in Melbourne

A federal senator supports trade union allegations that an international company contracted to exploit Port of Melbourne's webb dock is guilty of intimidating local workers.

CFMEU President Paddy Crumlin presented a report from the International Transport Workers Federation, said to support the claim to a group of Labor MPs in the Victorian parliament on Thursday.

He and Western Australian ALP Senator Glenn Sterle say that an investigation by national and federal governments must be conducted into how International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has ever won a government contract to operate the Webb Dock facility .

According to them, the company has a worldwide track record in the field of exploitation.

Senator Sterle told the AAP that the maltreatment of employees by the port manager was worrying

] "How hell did this crowd bring in there?" he said.

"There is no ethics with this company. I want to know, was damn due diligence done?"

The contract was awarded by David Hodgett, who was Victorian minister of ports in the previous Liberal National

The report claims that workers in Melbourne have been bullied and intimidated.

"We are all too scared to talk," says an employee who says.

The report claims a history of widespread underpayment of ICTSI workers, negligence with safety standards and intimidation and even dismiss workers when they join a union.

Case studies & # 39; s include a laborer in Indonesia who struggles to pay rent with his wages and a laborer in a port in Madagascar who can not afford his children to school.

Senator Sterle said he wanted to know whether Australian national intelligence services had been involved when the port operator was approved.

"All illegal things in this nation come in by plane or boat," he called.

Senator Sterle was particularly disturbed by comments from the president of the company Enrique Razon, who is a billionaire and the third richest person in the Philippines.

"When we concentrate on issues such as governance and transparency, we still do not get what we need to be ready," says Razon.

"Is this the kind of person we want to rent valuable infrastructure?" Senator Sterle said.

Melbourne dock workers have a bitter relationship with the international port company for some time, with a peak in a week-long blockade against the company in December 2017 about the plunder of an employee.

The company remains involved in pending legal proceedings against the Maritime Workers & # 39; Union on loss of income.

AAP still has to contact Mr. Hodgett.

Both ICTSI and the current Labor government have told AAP that they did not want to comment.

ICTSI is reportedly seeking expansion of the outer harbor at Freemantle, WA, a spokesman for the MUA said.

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