Controversial Brisbane neighborhood in the northwest has to be implemented

On Tuesday, a revised plan was submitted to the council chamber.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said that the final plan represented a balance between providing the population that has grown in one of the largest greenfield areas of Brisbane.

"After submissions to the state government for a final interest check, the state has approved the approval of the plan by the state under these conditions.

  1. Adjust the overlay map of the road hierarchy to display the emergency services and the active transport connection connecting the Cedar Creek South district to the Mt Nebo road, subject to more detailed transportation planning and community consultation.
  2. Adjust the bushfire overlay map to show future bushfire risk mapping by the Queensland government with a potential impact subcategory based on a localized bushfire study prepared for this amendment.
  3. Add a regional ecosystem map provided by the Queensland government to refer to the umbrella code of the bushfire, "said Cr Quirk.

Alderman Steve Toomey (The Gap) said that the plot area had been used as a "political football", but now the "referee had made his call".

"In what should be the final chapter of the Neighborhood Plan of Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron, the Minister's response will leave some uncertainty.

Cr Steve Toomey said that the plot has been used as political football.

Cr Steve Toomey said that the plot has been used as political football.

Photo: Cameron Atfield

"This uncertainty lies in the terms and conditions of the Minister for the Board that was included as part of the interest rate control of the State.

"Those conditions have not previously met the expectations of my community and this seems like a final effort by the state government to uphold their interests in Upper Kedron."

Cr Toomey wondered what the conditions were, which he said had taken away the ecological outcomes and the limited biodiversity potential in environmental corridors.

"This condition, including Cedar Woods' own regional ecosystem map, limits the options for low grass or tree cover in areas bordering the national park," he said.

"The evaluation of the risk of the bushfire … removes the low and medium risk of the entire site with a map that shows no danger of fire at all.

"Apparently, forest fires blow out at Upper Kedron, stop at the fence.

"Does the state government think that the removal of forest fires on paper will eliminate the risk on the ground, but I do not think that it really is."

Cr Toomey also expressed concern about the district road that he said would let the occupants clean up & # 39;

"This situation includes a road connection to serve only buses, cyclists and pedestrians," he said.

"It's a fairly substantial road … this 20 meter wide road.

"It is very badly set up and the state government conditions a road connection that the residents of The Gap do not want."

"It is also a road that the residents of Upper Kedron and Ferny Grove can not use, it makes absolutely no sense."

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning said that the Queensland government had put the safety of forest fires at the heart of the review of the proposed changes.


"The condition imposed by the Minister was based on advice from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, in collaboration with the Queensland Herbarium, to identify a range of indigenous species that are fire retardant / low fire hazardous, to be used to present the environmental corridors by Brisbane City Council, "said the spokeswoman.

"This will help to protect new developments against future forest fire danger."

Cr Toomey said that the minister had the last word in the case.

"Now we have to accept and abide by his judgment," he said.

"These conditions are not what many of my residents expected, nor are they in line with their expectations.

"That said, there are some great results to maintain the topography, to limit the density and impact of urbanization close to D & # 39; Aguilar [National Park]. "

Opposition Jared Cassidy said that Labor did not support the neighborhood plan when it came to the council earlier and would not support it now.

"Sometimes there is a bit of hope in the process of post-construction planning under this administration, more often than that the devil is not in detail.

"This is a fundamentally flawed neighborhood plan that does not meet the needs of the local community," he said.

Greens council member Jonathan Sri supported the concern that Labor raised.

"I reiterate my strong concern that this plan seems to copy some of the worst aspects of suburban expansion and to encourage a form of density that is not sustainable or particularly viable in the long term for residents," he said.

Cr Wines (Enoggera) said he was confident that the proposed plan would keep growth in the area in line with community expectations.

The district plan was passed by the council chamber with 19 votes in favor and six council members voted against.

All Labor Council members Cr Sri and Cr Nicole Johnston (Tennyson) voted against the plan.

The district plan of Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron starts on 21 September.

Cedar Woods timeline

June 2014 – The development request Cedar Woods was submitted and proposed 1349 residential plots and one commercial piece for mixed use that had to be delivered over a period of ten years. Less than 10 dwellings per hectare were proposed and 91 hectares of the site would be given to the municipality as green space.

December 9, 2014 – The municipality approved the development with a reduced yield of 980 lots per hectare, a reduction of 27 percent in parcels.

January 2015 – Kate Jones fought during the election of the state to regain the seat of Ashgrove and the development of Cedar Woods was central to one of her main election promises. Election material distributed by Ms. Jones said that if she was re-elected at the January 31 elections, her first act would be that the Queensland government use her call-in powers to reassess the development of Cedar Woods. Ms. Jones has successfully won the Ashgrove seat in 2015.

April 24, 2015 – Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad called the project to assess the development application. The dial-up call said the state government would consider the proposed development and how the approval of the board could influence the perception of an efficient, effective and responsible evaluation system for planning and development.

July 31, 2015 – The Provincial Government has published its decision in which it partially granted the provisional approval and partially approved the development consent for part 1 re-configuring, both under conditions, and refused the development consent for a phase 2 re-configuration. .

August 7, 2015 – As part of the approval, Ms. Trad wrote to Mayor Graham Quirk and requested the City Council to amend the Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighborhood Plan to determine the proper planning and development results for the site. The existing district plan was approved for the first time in 2007.

January 2017 – The newly developed draft district plan was sent to the state government.

April 20, 2017 – The Council received a response to the Minister's plan for the district plan, which included changes that resulted in an increase in the housing density within the development of Cedar Woods.

May 17, 2017 – Cr Steven Toomey started an e-petition against the surrounding density changed by the government.

May 18, 2017 – Ms. Trad wrote to Cr Julian Simmonds to say that she had corrected her original decision regarding the city plan concept and deleted guidelines that would change the density within the district.

1 June 2017, until 14 July 2017 – Public notification of the proposed amendment.

May 28, 2018 – Minister of State Development, Industry, Infrastructure and Planning advised the council to accept the proposed amendment, provided the conditions are met.

August 26, 2018– Ferny Grove-Upped Kedron District plan presented to the council meeting and approved by the council.

September 21, 2018 – The district plan Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron becomes effective.

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