Demerit points are taken into consideration for the disabled caretakers in Queensland

The state government is considering adding demerit points to fines for drivers who illegally park in allocated disabled rooms after a basic campaign.

The news has been welcomed by the disabled community, but the opposition of the state believes that demerit points should be used only for "road safety crimes".

  The possible introduction of points of censure will hopefully prevent displaced parking of thieves.

The potential introduction of points will hopefully disable parking thieves.

Photo: Included [19659006] According to the Brisbane City Council, a fine of $ 261 is imposed on drivers who illegally park in designated disabled rooms.

Transport minister Bailey described offending drivers as "arrogant and reprehensible" and said he was happy to talk about implementing penalty points for penalty points. [19659002] "Illegal behavior of directors denying holders of an invalidity permit their parking spaces for access to local services is arrogant and reprehensible," he said.

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