My health file: access for the police to demand a court order

The government has submitted a bill that, in its view, will strengthen the privacy provisions of the My Health Record system by requiring a court order before the health information of a person is made public to the police.

Health minister Greg Hunt has this morning My Health Records Amendment Bill 2018 in the lower house.

The My Health Record system has had a period of three months from the beginning of what was initially for individuals to opt out of having a record, having to deal with an increased control of the privacy provisions. Hunt has since extended the opt-out period until November.

The government "takes the safety of health information seriously," Hunt said this morning.

The bill will "strengthen the legislation that supports the MHR system to strengthen privacy protection", according to the minister.

Hunt said the national eHealth registration system aims to "address a fundamental problem" with the Australian health system, namely that consumer health information is "fragmented because it is spread over a large number of locations and systems".

The minister said there had been concerns about the access of law enforcement authorities to health information and the storage of health information after a My Health Record was canceled.

There is no material released from the system for law enforcement purposes during the six years that the system is in use, the minister said. He also noted that the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), which manages the system, has policies to not release information without a court order, but this is not mandatory under current legislation.

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