Police release CCTV to find wanted Vic man

Identification of two people captured on CCTV vision can lead the police to one of Australia's most sought-after men Jonathan Dick, who is fleeing after his brother's alleged murder and an attack on an ex-boyfriend .

Homicide detectives have released Monday the vision of a cyclist who on 23 August had seen a red and blue jeans with a helmet on CCTV on Green Gully Road in Keilor.

According to police, the cyclist Dick can be the way he was seen the same day in a red-haired sweater and blue jeans when he hit a former friend in his head with a hammer on a driveway in Keilor.

"At the time of the attack, the police were told that Jonathan Dick was wearing a red hooded sweater and blue jeans," said a statement from Victoria police Monday.

"It is unclear if the driver is Jonathan Dick and the police are calling on everyone in the area riding in similar clothing in the morning or someone who recognizes the driver to come forward."

A man in a gray sweater with hood and tracksuit, walking a black dog, is supposed to have crossed the paths along with Dick the previous morning, walking along the same terrain.

The police hopes that the dog-walker can follow Dick's movements on the day of the attack.

Dick, 40, is on the run as he reportedly killed his brother, David Dick, who was beaten by a sword in the Westfield Doncaster shopping center last February.

He was mentioned in a Crime Stoppers list of the 10 most wanted bandits of Australia in August.

The police have also released artist images of two of Dick's tattoos; a Wolverine versus Saber tooth tattoo on his right thigh up to his knee, and an Incredible Hulk tattoo that was probably on his left calf.

"The fantasy world of comics has taken over his brain, I really believe that", said his mother Carol an interview about Nine's A Current Affair.

"It is my greatest fear (that he would hurt someone else). I can not bear to think he would." The family is a thing that is horrible, but that of someone else.

"He's my son and I love him, just stop hurting people, give yourself in and get the help you need."

The police have also traversed comic stores in Melbourne and brothels, reports the media.

The movements of Dick in the past 18 months are not known and the police say he may have moved from one side to the other. Anyone who sees Dick is urged to call three times 000.

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