Policemen who were injured during the fight with Queenscliff while casting out patron


August 26, 2018 12:30:00

Six policemen suffered minor injuries in a fight at Queenscliff, south of Melbourne, which got out of hand when a group of people got involved while the police tried to throw a patron out of the bar.

Two officers were called at 10 am on the Gellibrand St, Queenscliff, to remove a man who had been ejected earlier.

The incident flowed outside to a nearby lane and a number of bystanders got involved.

Other officers were called to the scene and capsicum spray was used to break the battle.

Three officers were taken to the hospital for treatment, one of whom had been seriously injured to be released, said acting sergeant Sergeant Michael Graham.

"Our officers do not come to work to be attacked, the police do their job to let everyone out a safe night out," he said.

He said that a number of bystanders had obstructed the police.

"In order to participate in something that you are not involved in at the beginning, you will go to court and be banished … from any recognized location in Victoria for up to two years," he said.

Six people were accused of offenses including attacking the police, resisting arrest and obstructing the police.

All those involved were in their twenties and thirties.

One person was released after the indictment was filed and the police wanted to talk to another person.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the government had no tolerance for anyone who caused the police damage.

"They work every day to keep us safe and it's just unacceptable to attack a Victoria Police member," Andrews said.

"It's just not on.

"We have taken a very strong position here, laws passed by Parliament that require mandatory prison sentences if someone injures a policeman."




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