Sydney & # 39; s Centennial Park heritage listed

The Centennial Park of Sydney has been added to the national list of historical sites of prominent origin, in recognition of its historical significance for the federation of Australia.

The vast public park, which covers almost 200 hectares in the east of Sydney, is the 115th place to be included in the National Heritage Register. The federal government announces the offer on Tuesday.

The Federal Minister for the Environment Melissa Price said that Centennial Park was chosen because of its "extraordinary heritage value for the country" as the location was chosen for the inauguration of the new Australian nation.

Centennial Park.

Centennial Park.

Photo: Christopher Pearce

On New Year's Day in 1901, tens of thousands of spectators flocked to Centennial Park to witness the proclamation of the federal constitution, which marked the birth of Australia through the unification of the six independent colonies.

"These actions marked the creation of a new democracy.From this moment, on 1 January 1901, the
Commonwealth of Australia became a self-governing nation, "said Ms. Price.

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