The man dies while the crowd attacks paramedics: trade union

A man died after paramedics, in an attempt to treat him for a suspected overdose, were attacked by dozens of angry men in western Sydney, the union said.

Paramedics were called to a Riverwood unit at approximately 8 a.m. on Sunday for a 25-year-old man suffering from a suspected overdose, the Australian Paramedics Association said in a statement.

Family members of the dying man became furious and tried to intervene, says the APA.

A maximum of 80 angry men quickly gathered at the unit and threatened the health workers and were accused of a female paramedic who would injure her shoulder.

"Paramedics were forced to fend off malicious men who eventually forced them to stop treating the patient who was in cardiac arrest and then died," said APA Secretary Steve Pearce.

The ambulance brothers barricaded themselves into unity when the violent crowd demanded a defibrillator and drugs believed they could treat the young man, Mr. Pearce added.

About 150 police officers came to the scene, including the Public Riot Squadron, to rescue the paramedics.

But the patient had died.

"On this occasion, the stupidity of these people has taken over the life of their family member," said Pearce.

"We do not want more people to be confronted with the gruesome situation of their loved ones who die because paramedics can not treat patients after threats of violence."

He called for faster intervention by the police and the mentioned attacks on paramedics in the Bankstown area had become a regular phenomenon.

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