Torso by Jake Anderson-Brettner believed when the police went on with murder investigation


August 20, 2018 15:34:06

The police in the northeast of Tasmania have found a torso that they think is missing from the missing Launceston man, Jake Anderson-Brettner, while conducting a murder investigation.

Jake Daniel Anderson-Brettner, 24, was last seen in Launceston on August 15 and drove in his black 2011 Nissan Navara Ute.

Agents said they were led to the location of the remains last night, from the Tasman Highway between Launceston and Scottsdale.

The police spent Monday morning through bushland and closed off part of the highway for traffic.

"Although the body has not been formally identified, it is believed that it is Mr. Anderson-Brettner," said Northern District Commander Brett Smith.

"The body is not intact." As part of the ongoing investigation, the police will search a number of locations to close the Anderson-Brettner family.

"This is a fairly dynamic and evolving incident, and a lot goes very, very quickly."

A couple on the Riverside, 25 and 26 years old, was taken into custody on Saturday but not charged.

"We believe that there are other people who may know more information and we ask those people to come forward," said Commander Smith.

The police also searched for the Launceston tip and said that there were interesting areas along the West Tamar Highway.

Mr Anderson-Brettner has not been seen since Wednesday night, but his Nissan Navara ute was found unattended in Riverside Thursday night.

The police are looking for a silver or gray Mazda 6 station wagon that they think may be related to the murder of Mr. Anderson-Brettner.

They have already seized a black 2015 Range Rover station wagon and a black 2016 Jeep Cherokee in connection with the investigation.

Detective Acting Inspector Craig Fox said the police had acted quickly, with Mr. Anderson-Brettner reported missing just five days ago.

"We had some important information about his movements," he said.

"Because we got that information very quickly and made the scene pretty quickly, and some public information out there, we managed to have a good timeline of what we think happened."

The police have again called for information on the movements of two vehicles – a black 2015 Range Rover station wagon and a black 2016 Jeep Cherokee – last Wednesday night in the West Tamar area.




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