Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews Announces & # 39; Largest Public Transport Project in History & # 39; to

VICTORIAN Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a large new underground suburban rail network that covers Melbourne and extends to the airport at an expected cost of more than $ 50 billion.

The Suburban Rail Loop connects every major railway in Melbourne and transports 400,000 passengers daily.

In essence, it eliminates the need for commuters who travel from suburban centers through the city before connecting to other lines – a long-standing farce for many commuters.

Plans for the Suburban Rail Loop were made public this morning on Mr Andrews' Facebook page.

A video in which the election promise is outlined calls the project "the largest public transport project in history".

But do not expect that you will soon board a new train – the government says it will not be before the middle of the century.

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The loop connects every major railway from Frankston to Werribee, starting at Cheltenham. The government has not yet confirmed the exact details, but it is expected that the network will connect stations in Clayton, Monash, Burwood, Glen Waverley, Box Hill, Doncaster, Heidelberg, Bundoora, Reservoir, Fawkner, Broadmeadows, Sunshine, Werribee and Melbourne Airport.

"The suburban rail loop includes connections to key banana sectors, universities and TAFEs, hospitals and shopping centers," the video explains.

"When it's complete, it will carry 400,000 passengers a day, take away thousands of people from existing city-train passengers and 200,000 vehicles from congested roads."

Andrews has not revealed too much when posting the announcement on his Facebook page.

"We will build an underground rail loop in the suburbs that connects Melbourne's railways," he wrote.

"It will bring you where you need to go, wherever you live – and that is what our growing state needs."

The public response was quick and favorable.

"Mind warn," wrote a commentator under the announcement.

"About time … we would not have to travel to the city before we travel to outer cities," wrote another.

Some were skeptical.

& # 39; Then … the pigs fly screaming past the window & # 39; Just say that they dream & # 39 ;. This will never happen, "wrote someone.

Another said that it was a "great idea", but "it seems like a pipe dream".

Andrews replied: "This is happening, it will not be ready overnight, but I promise you: we will start it."

Minister of Public Transport Jacinta Allan told the Melbourne 3AW radio station on Tuesday that the project could cost more than $ 50 billion.

When it is emphasized how long it can take to build, she said that it would last "decades".

"We want the construction to start towards the end of 2022," Allan said. "We know that we have to carry out the detailed planning."

3AW breakfast guest Neil Mitchell asked if it would take 20 or 30 years.

"These big projects take time," said Mrs. Allan. "(2050) is not that far away."

She said that the project had to meet the demands of the city's thriving population. It is expected that 8 million people will reach Melbourne by the middle of the century.

Public transport is expected to be an important battlefield in the elections in November. Earlier this year, the government unveiled futuristic concept designs for the metro station for the $ 11 billion Metro Tunnel project.

This project includes new stations in West Melbourne, Parkville, Royal Melbourne Hospital, State Library, Town Hall and Anzac.

The construction is well underway with that project with the Metro Tunnel and its new stations are expected to open for passengers in 2025.

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